magical powder

its is a story about a dwarf who are going to travel around in other worlds than his own world, the dwarf world.


1. magical powder

Dear diary
this is maybe the first time, but I think I am leaving. My mom always said that I should use my whole potential. But I maybe I don’t want to. I always take the shortest and easiest way, and that’s the way I am. My talent for making magical powder is what the most other dwarfs would call extraordinary. I like that, but in the same way I hate it. In school, the school for dwarfs who not trying to be a warrior, I am very popular and all the other dwarfs look up too me. But it is just come too easy to me that I became the talented dwarf who don’t care. The problems the other dwarfs have in our school, I could made it when I sleeping. So I have been thinking about jump out of school. I would rather travel to one of the other worlds, instead of just staying here in school in the dwarf world. My mom says i should use my whole potential. I don’t think that’s in school. So I am leaving. See you.

Dear diary
I don’t know why I am calling it a diary. I don’t use you daily, but I don’t know what I else should call you. For a few days ago I leaved my house. I don’t know what my mom and dad think about it, but I leaved a massage where I explained what I was going to do, and they probably aren’t are going to see me in a year.  Here is the massage


Dear mom and dad
I don’t know what I am doing, but I think I am doing right. Mom I have thought about what you have said to me, for a couple of weeks ago, and I think that maybe was the last push for me try to find out who I am, and how I am gonna live my life. 

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