Rings and transformations

I am not the ordinary teenager girl, even though I like the same things and probably act the same way too. One day me and my two best friends, Kat and Matty, have to go on a journey to save the world from the evil.

Read the story to find out more about me, my friends and our journey.


10. The transformation

I looked down and saw my ring glow. It has never ever showed any colors other than its original gold color. I blinked with my eyes and when I opened them again I was off the ground, and everyone’s eyes were on me. Kat, Matty and Ryan had open mouths and wide eyes, then suddenly Ryan smiled and he punched his brother right in solar plexus. Ryan grew stronger. Drake grew smaller and more afraid. I wondered why everyone was acting so weird. That’s until I saw reflection in the church windows. I had changed, I was no longer a tiny girl with long blond hair – I was a Tigon. I looked over at Beau and the other members of the Janoskians, they all looked a little afraid. I suddenly came back onto my feet and I changed back to my normal self. I ran over to Ryan “What happened to me?” I asked him - he grinned, “You my dear has now fully developed powers! Congrats and the fact that you changed into a Tigon can only mean two things! One: We are in family! HEY SIS!” he exclaimed, “Two: You are one of the greatest wizards on the planet, only those who turn into a Tigon when their powers are fully developed, are the strongest and most powerful wizards! I myself didn’t turn into a fully-grown Tigon; I turned into a baby Tigon. And Carlos, he didn’t turn into a Tigon the first time, but the second, and he was also a baby Tigon. Only our mother and her father turned into fully-grown Tigons the first time. You and mom are the only persons I know who both are wizards and a transformer. Me and Carlos are only transformers.” He continued. That was a lot to take in, “so were family?” I said to him, he nodded. Carlos came over as he studied me after a little while he embraced me in a tight hug. I was very confused as was Kat and Matty. “My long gone sister is finally home!” Carlos cried. I couldn’t help but hug him back. “CARLOS YOU RAT! COME OVER HERE, SHES YOUR ENEMY!” Drake yelled - he was furious. I didn’t want to listen to him anymore, so I raised my hand and thought of a Tigon, and soon enough I transformed into a huge Tigon and let out a loud roar “Tell me where mom is and you wont get hurt!” I told Drake. “NEVER!” he yelled back, I went closer to him. I could hear the Janoskians crew shout “GET HIM SOPH, GET HIM!” “YOU GO GIRL!” Kat came over to me as a lion. Carlos came over to us too “I’m on your side, I wont let my sister down again. I’m never letting you go”, he told me. Ryan joined. We all went over to Drake, but I stopped all of them as I transformed back into my normal self. I wanted to do this wizard against wizard, no transformation. “I want to fight Drake, wizards against wizard. You go stop the vampires”, I told them “Matty make sure the boys are okay, keep them safe” I ordered him. 

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