Rings and transformations

I am not the ordinary teenager girl, even though I like the same things and probably act the same way too. One day me and my two best friends, Kat and Matty, have to go on a journey to save the world from the evil.

Read the story to find out more about me, my friends and our journey.


8. Reunited with the Janoskians

“Where are we meeting them?” Matty asked. “At Central Park” I told him. Beau texted me and said that they already were there.

Five minutes later we arrived at Central Park, and I spotted the boys sitting on a bench. I ran up to them at gave Beau a huge bear hug. “Oi beautiful, I’ve missed you”, he said to me as he spun me around. I love Australian accents and the fact they said ‘Oi’ instead of ‘Hi’ made them even more adorable. “I’ve missed you too Beau” I said. As Beau put me down I went over to the other boys and hugged them hello. “This is Ryan, our friend” I said to the boys and pointed at Ryan. “Nice to meet you Ryan” all the boys said in unison. “You too” Ryan said. We all went for a walk around Central Park, Beau and I were holding hands. In the corner of my eye I saw Ryan and Kat tiny chat and laugh together. “Be right back” I told Beau as I started to walk towards Ryan. “Do something Ryan!” I whisper yelled at him. “What do you mean?” he asked. “I can see right through you, you like Kat and she likes you. Do something about it.” I told him as I went back to Beau.

“Look at those lovebirds, how cute” said a figure - it looked like a crow “NOT!” he continued seconds after. “Who are you?” I hissed. Ryan came to my side, Beau on the other. “Carlos let us be. Go away. We don’t want you here!” Ryan said. “Uhm, why are you guys talking to a crow?” Jai, Beau’s little brother, said. “I- Uhm, I can’t tell you”, I told him.

“I just wanted to see how my little brother was”, said Carlos. “GET LOST!” yelled Ryan he was furious. Daniel, James and Luke came over to us and looked at Ryan talking to Carlos. “Is he nuts or something?” Luke said. “No, why do you think that?” Kat said. “Well he IS talking to a crow” James, who has a dimple piercing, joined the conversation. “Look, I am not allowed to tell you, but trust me he’s not insane.” I told the boys.

“Sophia, I know where your mom is”, Carlos told me. I stiffened. “Wh-where?” I stuttered. Carlos changed shape into a human boy. I could see that all five members of the Janoskians widened their eyes “did he just-“, “No that can not be true”, “he was a crow now he is-“, “ww-wh-whhaat?” “Oh holy Lord” all the boys exclaimed, they couldn’t believe their own eyes. Jai and Luke fainted. Kat and Matty took care of the boys while Ryan and I talked to Carlos. 

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