Elijah is a young boy that suffers from a rare medical condition that has brought him and his mother further away from each other, however his disability plays no role in his desire and passion for adventuring.


2. Shifting realities

This was clearly an unknown district; it was like an uncompleted puzzle that had to be collected inside his head. The land consisted of colors he had never even seen before, like a wide spectrum of unidentified magnificence. His surroundings seemed somewhat familiar, yet so unknown at the same time, it had a cartoonish touch to it. A creature of very complex proportions approached Elijah; it had no particular characteristics, more like a salad of various mythical entities that he had read about in his favorite fantasy collection. Elijah could recognize the facial area as something that could resemble an elf: "What are you searching, my boy?" the elf said, Elijah responded almost automatically: "I've come here to explore!" His eyes expanded widely, he was actually talking! This was far beyond his own imagination. "Follow me" the elf continued, "I will show you something." Without hesitation, Elijah followed suit and he noticed the geometric patterns that was displayed all over the walls in this magical place. Objects were moving, glowing, even breathing - and as they continued to wander, everything became way more ordinary to Elijah. The elf went on about how their land has slowly begun to degrade progressively and they might even be on the verge to the apocalypse. Elijah was very curious, yet frightened by his telling, he asked the elf if there wasn't something they could do to prevent it. The elf replied with explaining the situation of their land Delirius, the three brothers; Dante, Ginger and God had been in a scandalous fight and haven't talked to each other for years, but without their assistance and cooperation, the land would crumble to ashes and all the beauty would become denaturalized. Elijah asked for their location, and the elf told him they've all gone separate ways; Ginger had gone underground into the depths of Delirius, Dante was hiding in the neighborhood, most likely manufacturing handmade ceramic. God was the oldest of the trio, the wisest one of them all. Nobody really knew where he had gone after the fight, but the stories go that only an agreement provided by a handshake between Ginger and Dante would summon him. Elijah already knew what he had to do.


Elijah trudged around in a landscape that looked like it was taken right out of a child's wild imagination. He was seeking Dante, the youngest of the brothers, and eventually he would see a somewhat shady figure sitting on a stool, engineering ceramics of some sort. Although his vision seemed extremely amplified, he was still kind of blurry. He slowly approached the shady stranger, and a face started to appear, it had human-like characteristics. They started conversing back and forth about the current situation of the land, Dante hesitated a bit, but agreed to meet with Ginger if Elijah could bring him a handful of the most precious belladonna seeds from The Holy Garden of Delirius. Elijah nodded consistently in his usual adventurous fashion, and consequently began his search for the seeds Dante was requesting. Hours went by in the mystical land, but Elijah finally reached what seemed to represent a garden, the outer attributes suggested a peaceful, mellow environment, but little did Elijah know.


Upon entering the old-fashioned, medieval iron gate wrapped in sticky vines and venomous fruits, Elijah realized it wasn't the kind of garden he knew from home, it was actually a maze of grass and the belladonna seeds were only to be found at the finish line. He gradually leaned in to check for any potential dangers, but there was no one but himself. In his continuous search, he managed to get lost up to three times, however after a solid hour of searching, he reached the cardinal point of the quest. Elijah inspected a tree in the middle of the maze, standing there by itself, enlightened by its own beauty. Elijah ran towards the tree and used his sword to slice off a branch from the tree, subsequently collecting a handful of belladonna seeds as he dumped them into his pocket.  Elijah returned to Dante with a bewildered smile plastered across his face, gently offering him the seeds. Dante retracted his leg in order to situate himself upwards, fascinated by the content of Elijah's small hand. Dante took the seeds in a swift motion, inhaling their distinct smell through his nostrils before depositing them in his leather pants. 

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