Elijah is a young boy that suffers from a rare medical condition that has brought him and his mother further away from each other, however his disability plays no role in his desire and passion for adventuring.


1. "Elijah"

Their eyes met once again, however nothing but the usual sense of moderate sadness and fallacy was transmitted between them. "What am I to do with you, Elijah?" She knew her query was vain and of no use.  Unresponsive as always, Elijah trudged closer to his mother and leaned in for a hug, but his lack of motor function obstructed his range of motion and he eventually stumbled upon his own feet and attacked the dark-brown, mahogany floor. Elijah had been diagnosed with a mild case of akinetic mutism, but somehow he had taught himself to walk - slow it was, but nevertheless, quite spectacular. Despite Elijah's disability to communicate, he had always had a very profound bond to his imagination, a lust for adventure and exploration of depths. It wasn't uncommon for Elijah to embark upon a journey into the nearby woods at afternoon and later return home to conceal his self-crafted wooden weaponry underneath his bed and drink a cup of tea with his favorite flavor; mango-lemon tea with a twist of wheatgrass honey to which he would stir up and refer to as his magical potion, although he knew there was a particular, however unknown ingredient required to construct the elixir, that one day would abolish the demons within him and grant him the privilege to speak.


A day like many others, Elijah had once again ventured into the woods, but this time he went beyond the surface and proceeded until he was trundling around in a completely undiscovered area, but brave as he was, he continued furthermore into the forest, knowing that he could always follow his footprints back to the very beginning of his adventure. He wandered and wandered until his eyes caught a blue-like color glowing among the tall, dark trees, it was lighting up the forest like blue plasma. As he slowly approached the middle, he found out the source of the color came from a sea, but it had something abnormal to it; the water had a somewhat solid consistency, but the surface was already rippling in a certain pattern of which Elijah acknowledged. He went to dip his homemade, wooden sword into the rippling sea, but it would leave visible marks on the sword of blue neon; he was in a very perplexed state of mind. Elijah's curiosity had now brought him even closer to the sea, all knowingly, his right foot immersed into the sea - it had an indescribable warmth to it, almost like holding your foot against the glass part of the stove at home. Impulsive as he was, he swiftly tipped forwards and dropped his body into the sea, now there was no turning back.


The stream caught him, it felt like a swirling whirlwind pushing him downwards, but he had absolutely no problem breathing. A prism of colors was guiding him furthermore into the abyss, and Elijah simply let go of his worries, allowing the sea to manipulate his body in whichever direction it found favorable.  Elijah's sense of reality was completely lost, it felt like he was stuck in a dimensional transcendence, but as he thought he couldn't go any further, he dumped out of a mysterious pipe and landed on some kind of firm material that he had never seen before. Somewhat relieved, but also extremely exhausted, Elijah pulled himself up without any problems. What was happening? He was in complete control over his own body, something he had been struggling with all his life. In subtle denial, Elijah raised both of his hands to the side as if he was balancing himself on a thin twine, and walked into the unknown landscape.  

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