Elijah is a young boy that suffers from a rare medical condition that has brought him and his mother further away from each other, however his disability plays no role in his desire and passion for adventuring.


3. Abnormal synergy

Dante led the way to his brother in the underworld, and Ginger was in the process of heating up some metallic equipment in a flaming oven. He raised an eyebrow due to the appearance of Dante, casting him a somewhat disgusted look while shaking his head in despair. Ginger had horns hidden beneath his black hoodie - his skin was light red and very crusty. Dante slowly approached Ginger and said: "I have something for you" while unfolding his hand, showing him a couple of the seeds he had been given. Ginger was flabbergasted upon the sight of the seeds, he expeditiously swung his hand out to attain a grip of them, but instead Dante closed his palm around Ginger's hand, resulting in a firm handshake. A starlight struck Elijah's eyes, and immediately Ginger and Dante started to melt within each other and shaped a Godlike creature, it was tall, almighty and superior, wearing a white leather cloth and golden, shiny necklace around his neck. This was God. God spawned a teacup in his hand, and Elijah could recognize the mango-lemon aroma that was coming from it. God broke up a couple of seeds, slipping pure alkaloid extract into the mixture and handed it to Elijah. He signaled Elijah to drink the mixture, and so he did, he poured the whole cocktail into his mouth, momentarily swishing it around before sinking the content, seemingly overly fascinated by the taste of it. A second later he found himself in his living room, looking up to his mother who was currently sitting quite a deplorable posture. Elijah looked at her and said: "What's wrong?" She was stunned for a few minutes, literally stuttering senseless sentences, before abruptly breaking up her attempt to speak and rush over to hug Elijah with a fury of a thousand suns... and they lived happily ever after.

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