Zoe Bird is going to be a chemistry major at Oxford University, she considers herself to be a professional matchmaker. But when it comes to her own relationship, will she know how to play it?


1. Prolouge

Love is weird. You fall in love, but then you get your heart broken all over again. As soon as you know it, your sitting on your couch, watching romance films and eating ice cream. Me, myself, have never been in love, I just can't think of how dreadful it is to have your heartbroken, I don't want to experience that. Instead, I give advice for relationships, honestly, I'm a matchmaker. I get people together with their perfect match, I tell them what to say. I guess I'm quite good at chemistry, I mean, everyone that I've put together are still together to this very day. Also, in a week I graduate from high school, then I catch I flight to England to attend Oxford University, I'm a chemistry major. Awesome, huh? At my age, it seems strange that I haven't fallen in love yet, I always got boys asking me out, I'm waiting for the right person. I think as soon as I see him, I'll know that I'm meant to be with him for the rest of my life. Normal people go around their whole life searching for the right one, but I'm determined to get it right first time. If I don't, I don't know what I'll do.

I'm sorry I haven't introduced myself, I was named Zoe Bird on the eighteenth of September, I'm seventeen going on eighteen in exactly one month, exciting huh? My parents are quite rich, my fathers a Lawyer and my mothers a model.

I hope you enjoy reading about my adventure on trying to find the boy I want to be with the rest of my life. A life for a matchmaker...

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