Zoe Bird is going to be a chemistry major at Oxford University, she considers herself to be a professional matchmaker. But when it comes to her own relationship, will she know how to play it?


6. Chapter 5-Graduation

After a weekend reading through Jakes messages, I could recite them back, it's quite sad actually that I tell you them off by heart. But today is graduation, exciting huh? I woke up this morning to see my mum and dad stood in the door way with a cake, I thought that was for after graduation, but oh well. When I got to school, my best friend Beth was there crying, I rushed over to her.

"Beth, what's wrong?" Beth was going to Yale, she was so excited but she really wanted to go to England with me.

"I dropped out of Yale." She stated, I nearly choked on my own breath. I sat down next to her, she was the best actress I knew. Seriously she was better than, well, anyone.

"Why? Why would you do that? Now I have to leave for England and leave you here going nowhere..." I told her as she wiped her tears and smiled, she started laughing.

"A certain school in England offered me a scholarship there." She told me, oh, I hoped that it would be close to Oxford.

"Oh my god, where are you going? Or did you drop out of there too?" I laughed as we picked up our bags and headed for our next class, chemistry,

"Oxford." She spoke as we walked through the door, I jumped up and down in excitment, that was awesome. I'm going to Uni with my best friend. She smiled at me from across the classroom when the teacher walked in with a bundle of chemistry tests. I know this sounds strange, but if I don't get an A, then I can't go to Oxford. But I'm certain that I will get an A.

After the test, the teacher marked them straight away, Beth got a B, I was the last one to get marked. I didn't want to watch her mark it, I was way to nervous. When she said she was done I slowly looked at my paper and turned it around so I couldn't be mistaken. The grade was written at the top of the page. A+. Get in! That was more than enough to get into Oxford. Beth took my hand and we rushed into the girls locker room and got changed into our outfits.

"Can we get up the Student President?" The head teacher asked as Beth stood up and grabbed her piece of paper from her bag. She waved it in my face and took her place on the stage. Beth was the student president, an excellent one at that. I looked across at Beth's boyfriend talking to Natalie. He had his arm round her and it looked like they were about to kiss. I really hoped that Beth didn't see, I didn't want her to ruin her speech.

"Class of 2014, we have had laughs and a lot if fun this year. We have learned a lot and now we're all going to different places and we will all succeed, for those who don't, I don't have pickles in my Big Mac." She started her speech, nice and clear and I felt really proud of her, she looked around the crowd and saw her boyfriend, Ben. I looked across at him and they were now actually kissing. Beth looked at me, wondering what to do.

"And I've got a few thank you's that I'd like to say for making this a perfect year. My best friend, Zoe Bird, you have been there through thick and thin with me, thanks. My epic teachers, and thank you Natalie Jenkins." She paused, Natalie looked at her, confused. Oh my god! What was Beth going to do?!

"Thanks Nataile, for taking my cheat of a ex boyfriend off my hands." She announced as she straightened her paper and revived her diploma. I couldn't help but laugh while other people walked on stage for their special moment.

"This diploma is for the best scientist South a High has ever had. Zoe Bird." I got up and I couldn't help but blush and my parents took a picture if me and the rest if that day was a complete blur. I just couldn't wait for the party.

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