5sos imagines and prefrences

i like 5sos, enjoy:)


1. how you met...


You met him at a meetup. When you were in the line getting your merch signed and he imediatley fell for you. Maybe it was the way you tucked your hair behind your ear when you tried yelling hi over the screams of fans. Maybe it was the 1975 shirt, red flannel, and high waisted shorts that perfectly hugged your hips. Or maybe it was just the way you seemed so much sweeter and innocent then everyone else in the room. All he knew was that he wanted to get to know you and when you got your stuff back at the end of the line you saw underneath his scribbly signature a number written down...

call me? xx- Ashton




You met Cal at a club. He wasnt really feeling like going that night but ashton had been planning this outing since they left to tour America and he knew that he couldent bail, and thank god he didnt.

He saw you across the room, clumsily swaying to the pounding music and laughing with a group of all your best friends. Sure all your friends are stunning, but he saw something else in you, something irresistable.

Your smile seemed to light the room better than all the strobes pulsing through the stuffy club and he ended up buying you a drink, he was gorgous so obviously you agreed and you both ended up spending the whole night sat down at the bar and conversing until the late hours of the morning... you didnt even realize how late it had gotten until youre bestfriend told you that it was three and her parents would KILL her if you guys werent back by the time they woke up. You were dragged away from him, and you thought you were never going to see him again until one day your phone blew up with notifications...


@lashton_smut : @yourtwitterusername thats her @calumhood ur welcome babeeeee xx

@lukespenguinxx : @yourtwitterusername her name is Y/N @calumhood

@Lillyloves5sos : @yourtwitterusername i spy with my little eye Y/N @calumhood thank me later. I love you so much Cal... follow me?

and so on...

you click on calums twitter page and see his latest tweet...

@calumhood : following the first 10 people who can find me this girl. love you guys XO 

the tweet had a picture of you tagged in it from the club... suddenly a new notification pops up in your DM's and your finger quickly taps the little icon...

MESSAGE FROM @calumhood found you ;)




You met michael at the radio staion that you currently are a reseptionist at. They pay very little, but atleast it puts food on the table, a roof over your head, and clothes on your back. 

You knew that a new australian boy band was performing a new single live on the show today, but you had no idea how huge they were until a sea of fans crowded the door this morning waiting for 5sos to arrive. You had obviously heard SLSP on the radio before but never in your wildest dreams did you think that you would get to meet them.

As soon as the doors opened your eyes were directed to the bright colored mop of hair ontop of a cute boy in converse and black skinnys, he looked at you and smiled and you knew that you were hardcore blushing.

The session went by in a quick forty five minuets and it seemed that they left as quickly as they arrived. You were exited that you had gotten to atleast be in the same room as people this famous and you thought it was all over until a large security gaurd came over to your desk...

"is your name Y/F/N Y/L/N ?"

"Yeah?" You reply confused...

"Michael asked me to get your number."

You were shocked and exited as you quickly grabbed a pen and scribbled it quickly on a sheet of paper.


The gaurd grabbed the paper and ran to catch up with the rest of the crew... about a half hour later your phone vibrates...

Michael: So umm hi, youre cute and i knew id be kicking myself in the ass for the rest of my life if i didnt get your number. Whats up.




Your friends and you had been waiting to go to this concert since you bought the tickets last august and it was finally here. You couldent beilive that you were going to see 5 seconds of summer... with front row seats. 

The show was amazing and the entire time you had been dancing and singing every word to every song, but sadly, halfway through 18 you had to pee. You knew you shouldnt have drank an entire bottle of water on the car ride here... and this was why. 

You squeez your way through screaming fans and after your bathroom break you end up walking in right in the middle of a set. And you walking in caused Luke's attention to go straight to you.

He ended up singing the rest of the show staring at you. You thought you were going crazy until a gaurd pulled you away from your friends at the end and brought you backstage where a nervous luke was sitting.

"Hi..." He nervously said running his fingers though his mop of blonde hair...

"Hi..." you giggled staring at your feet.


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