The Awkward One (Short Story)

"You don't want to be seen talking to me." She told him. "Why not?" He asked. "They don't like me very much." She replied. "And why is that? There's nothing wrong with you." The new boy smiled. "No, there isn't. I'm just a bit awkward."

Taylor is a fifteen year old girl at a rich California boarding school. Kids don't exactly like her, and she can't do anything about it. Gabriel is the new boy. He is instantly popular, and doesn't understand the rules that involve 'The Awkward One.'

When it comes down to it, who will Gabriel choose? Will he choose the populars, or Taylor?


2. Two

Gabriel's POV

I walk back into my dorm room, and I'm apparently sharing with the star quarterback, James. "Bro, you can't be seen with that chick." He advises me. "That chick has a name. And I don't get why not." I tell him. "Dude. We don't talk to her for a reason." With that, he leaves to go who knows where. I sigh and collapse on my bed. What if everyone's right?


"Hey Gabe," One of the cheerleaders is on my arm. "We're all going out to Steak 'n Shake later. Come with?" I ponder it. "Why not?" I smile. She takes off, and I smile to myself. I see Taylor, and I jog back up to her. "Hey." I smile. "Hi." She weakly smiles. "What's wrong?" I ask. "You have a one way ticket to popular land, but if you hang out with me, that ticket will get ripped into shreds."

"Why are you so worried about me?" I ask. "Because I can't ruin anyone else's reputation!" She shouts, then storms into Mr.Skie's room for lunch. What?


Taylor's POV

"Hey Brandon." I sigh, sitting on one of the desks. "What's wrong?" He asks. "I don't wanna ruin the new kid's reputation, but it's as if he wants me to." I explain. "Taylor, why are you so worried about it?" He asks. I sigh. Brandon didn't see what happened with Nicole. It got so bad that she had to make it stop. The bullying never stops. There's only one way, and it breaks me to think about Nicole.

"Nicole Bradford. It was freshman year, and she was the new girl. I've been here since elementary school, and most of the new kids have a shot at popularity. Nikki.. she didn't take it. She hung out with me, and we were best friends.." I begin to relive everything.

"Oh look, it's the two slut buddies. God damn, why won't you look at me?" Victoria pushed Nicole, causing her to fall. The girl was fragile already. Little did I know, she'd been starving herself. I had jumped in, defending my one friend. I too, had been beaten to pulp, but had luckily saved Nicole. The next morning, I woke up early, with a missing Nikki. I tried calling, but she'd left her phone. I went out looking, worried, when I found her lifeless body, hanging from the tree by our favorite sitting spot, the lake.

I tell Brandon the whole thing, in tears by the end. He hands me tissues, and hugs me. I get up. "Sorry." I say, leaving. I jog out to the lake and stare at the tree. I kick it, sobbing. I just scream and cry until I can't anymore.


Two hours later, and I'm still there. I'm not sobbing anymore. Just numb. I see the populars walking by, Victoria's arm linked with Gabriel. "Hey look, the whore is at the suicide spot. Think she's considering?" James sniggers. "Hey, her and Nicole can both be cowards. We can afford to lose them. It's not exactly a loss, it's Hell doing us a favor." Victoria smirks. I get up, pissed now.

"Don't. Call. Nicole. A coward." I say, marching over to them. "But she was." Max, James's best friend, laughs. I walk right up to him, and punch him in the jaw. "YOU fucking pushed her to suicide! And don't you dare think that it's not your fault." I shout. "It wasn't. It was YOURS for letting her be friends with you. Not pushing her away." James says. I sprint off, tears in my eyes, back to my dorm room.

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