Keeping Up With The Fangirls

Keeping Up With The Fangirls. A reality television show which showcases fangirls recruited from all over the world that compete in contests to win various prizes. The main goal of the show is to make it into the top three and win the ultimate prize.
One Direction.
Well, you don't really win One Direction, but you go on tour with them.
And, c'mon, what's better than that?
When Tori Knightley gets recruited, she couldn't be more ecstatic. But she soon realizes that this show has an ulterior motive.
And it is definitely not in the girls' best interests.


10. Chapter 10.

Chapter 10:

I was too preoccupied with worrying about Louis, that I almost didn't notice the howl that came from beside me.


I whipped my head to the side to see Aiden bouncing up and down, clutching her right foot and cursing under her breath. Apparently, I hit Louis' shoulder before the ball landed on Aiden's foot.


I gulped as the people around me started to glare. Normally, I'm not intimidated by the Fakes and their barbie faces, but their looks wanted me to crawl underneath a huge rock and live with Patrick the starfish for eternity. 

"Oh my goodness, Louis! Are you okay!?" Brit screeched, rushing over to the fallen Doncaster lad. "Should I bring carrots for you, Lou bear!?" another Fake screamed, wobbling over to him in her long heels. "You're making it worse," Louis hissed, turning on his back. Hearing the commotion, the permanently-smiling-lady entered the room, looking around with a bright, fake smile. "Is everything okay in here?" she coughed, so that everyone's attention was focused on her. "My boo bear got hit by a ball!" a fake cried, willing her eyes to let loose a stream. The lady frowned.

I gasped. She could do that!?

"I want the culprit to come forward and apologize to Mr. Tomlinson." the lady roared, making me gulp. I willed my legs to move into Louis' direction and looked down at him. "Hey Louis, I kind of just hit your shoulder, but no hard feeling, yeah? Anyway, I think I see a llama so er- yeah bye!" I said casually, rushing over to where I was standing before. 

"No hard feelings, erm- Tori?" Louis yelled back and I nodded. "Hello? Person with a broken foot over here!" Aiden called, her face going red. "Oh yeah, sorry." I muttered sheepishly, helping her take off her sneakers. "Damn, that's an ugly bruise." I murmured, staring at her swollen foot. "No shit, I would've gotten a pretty bruise by a 40 kilo bowling ball, right?" Aiden wheezed sarcastically. Just then a light shone on our faces, making us look up. A camera-man was filming the whole thing. 

"If you keep filming us and not help me, I will- A) punch you, B) punch you until you bleed." Aiden snapped, making the camera man's eyes go wide. 

Gee, remind me to never get on this girl's bad side. 

The camera-man put down his device and picked Aiden up, hoisting her onto his back. On the other side of the room, I saw Louis being carried away, his arms slung over Liam and Zayn's shoulders. "We will be taking Mr. Tomlinson and Ms. Matthews to the hospital. The assistant will take you home, nobody should follow." the now-frowning-lady instructed. "I want Tori to come with me," Aiden demanded. "I'm sorry, but that can not happen." the lady argued. "I'm sorry, but frankly, I don't give a damn." Aiden shot back, glaring at the lady. "Fine, come along Ms. Knightley." the lady glared at me.

Remind me to kill Aiden someday. 


"Are you sure that you're okay?" I asked for the millionth time, helping her sit on the chair. "Tori, I'm fine. The pain's subsided and I can walk now." Aiden assured, shooting me a grin. "But I wouldn't mind you filling up my plate. The dishes are too far away." she shrugged, leaning back into her seat. I sighed. This girl is the most immature tomboy I have ever met. But that's what's common in us, so I shouldn't be complaining. 

I filled up her plate with pasta and chicken before filling mine too. We dug in, not caring if Trish was sending us disgusted glares from in front of us, poking at her salad. Suddenly, I noticed Zayn Malik walking towards our table. Aiden's back was turned onto him, so she didn't notice her favorite member walking towards her. My mouth dropped open, but I stayed quiet. I was going to let her faint when she saw him. Consider that pay-back for getting me on the lady's bad side. 

Zayn stood behind Aiden and tapped her shoulder, shooting smiles at Trish and I. I shushed Trish when I saw her open her mouth, Aiden needed to figure this out on her own. "What? Go away, I'm eating," Aiden snapped, with a mouth full of food, without turning around. I slapped my hand onto my mouth to stop myself from laughing. Revenge was sweet.

Or maybe it was the cupcake I had just ate?

"I just wanted to know if your foot was okay." Zayn asked, sweetly. Aiden stopped chewing and straightened up, looking at us with wide eyes. "Is- is that? Is Zayn behind me?" Aiden whispered, gulping down her food. Trish and I snickered, nodding our heads. Aiden turned around slowly, only to be greeted by Zayn's face. 

"I- um- hi." Aiden stuttered, looking at him with a gaping mouth. "Hello there." Zayn chuckled. "I- um- yes I'm fine, th-thanks." Aiden stammered. Zayn nodded while smiling at all three of us, before walking out of the room. 

"OH MY GOD! THAT WAS ZAYN EFFING MALIK! HE TALKED TO ME!" Aiden screamed, as soon as Zayn was out of the room.


We were all lined up in the huge lounge, the boys standing infront of us with cards. I was a nervous wreck, and I think Aiden was too by the way she kept shuffling her feet. I didn't want to get eliminated so early. Even if there were Fakes here, I still loved being here. 

"When we call your name, please step forward, and accept these signed posters." Niall smiled. All of the boys had two cards in their hands, and I just hoped that I wasn't on any one of them. 

"Jennifer and Brit." Liam called. The two girls cried as they accepted their posters and hugged the life out of the boys before they left. "Perisa and Lenna." Zayn read, hugging the blond girls and handing them their posters. "Kelly and Terina." Niall smiled kindly. "Milly and Jen." Harry said, causing the two girls to start wailing. "Herietta and Rosie." Louis eliminated, wincing as the girls' screeched. 

The rest of everything was a blur. I could hear cries from the other room but I was focused on the fact that I didn't get eliminated. 



"Tori!" Aiden yelled, finally snapping me out of my trance. "Yeah?" I asked, switching the channel to Doctor Who. "While you were too busy spending time in lala world," Aiden started, getting a slap on the head from me, "The lady came and announced what we're doing tomorrow." Aiden ended, jumping up and down excitedly. "What is it?" I questioned.

Please don't be modelling. Please don;t be modelling. 

"We're going hiking!" Aiden cheered.

Well damn.



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