Whir whir exterminate

Doctor who


2. him

The hushed whispers were like a snake that followed me everywhere. I didn't care. Most people talked about me because I wasn't..well what you would call normal. With short dirty blond hair that was spiked up and colored to match every thing (streaks of blue green pink etc.) glacier blue eyes I really looked creepy to every one. Except for one kid.

He said “I've seen people like you on Hepabella island!”

“Weirdo” I whispered less audible than the whispers. He still freakin heard me. Does he have like a bionic ear or something I mean geez how can someone hear that!?!?!? His face dropped when he heard it. Oh well people don't care.

Authors note

She isn't really this mean she is just going through rough times! Also who loves this book! It will get better!

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