Imagine there was another witch in the Harry Potter Gang. Would she change anything? Imagine Harry Potter with another girl, who everyone adores.


2. The four

"Hermione, who do you think likes me?"  "Neville, or Dean?"  We both burst out laughing.  "Classic! Classic!" yelled Hermione. " Hey wheres Ginny?"  I ask.  "Bathroom."  replied Hermione.  I was having a sleepover with my 2 most GIRL friends. As for my BOY friends, that would be Ron Weasley, (Ginny's older brother my age) and the Famous Harry Potter.   Ginny waltzed into the room.  "What I miss?" She asked.  "Who Maya thinks likes her!" Hermione yelled.  "Really who?"  Asked Ginny." DEAN AND NEVILLE! " Hermione falls over from laughing.  I do jazz hands.  "Is that the best you can do?" Asks Ginny.  "Huh?"  I ask. " I think that either Harry, or Fred likes you."  says Ginny.  I blush.  "Wait Harry?!  No no no no."  "Harry doesn't like me."  i say.  Ginny shakes her head.  "Don't be so sure!" Says Ginny and Hermione at the same time.  "How can you tell?"  I ask. " Just the way where he does Great favors for you." Says Hermione "But any buy would do that!" I say. " And how he tries to impress you."  says Ginny. " Ok, Ok, but what about Fred?"  I ask. "Honey, Fred's my brother. trust me i know." Says Ginny. " Once i over heard Fred in his room reciting lines for you."  You know at the yule ball last year, where Harry asked you, but you were already asked by Fred?"  "Well i heard Fred recite this: " Hey so Maya i was thinking, were alike in ways, wanna go to the ball with me?"  "Wait thats cheesy." said Ginny.  "Wait, you heard him say that?" I ask.  Ginny nods. " It was priceless!" she says. " When we go to Hogwarts for our 5th year, you better watch out honey, theres going to be boy kitty fights over you."  Hermione says.  I blush.  Tomorrow we were going to the train station.  Me and Hermione and Harry were staying at the Weasleys.  Just the thought about going back to Hogwarts made my heart leap.  I was so excited.



In the morning when we found out Harry, Ron, and the twins were eavsdropping last night when we were talking about new books, i slightly punched them all.  Just because they 2 of them had feelings for me, doesn't mean i have to be so head over heels.  We all ate breakfeast, and loaded the trunks in the car.  we all piled in, ( Me squished between Hermione and Harry) and headed for the train station.  we then ran through the barrier between nine and ten, and then carried our trunks on the train.  The twins, Harry, Ron, Ginny, Hermione, and me had found a compartment we all piled in, and played a game of truth or dare.  



"Maya i dare you to go to Percy's compartment, thrust open the door, and ask him to sing.  When he is done, shrug and then say: It was decent." i smile, and do the dare.



"Ok Hermione i dare you to hold Ron's hands for 5 seconds falt." Says Ginny.  5 seconds? yeah like that can do any harm! I think to myself.  But then my thoughts were popped by the sound of Gergoe's voice. " Hold Harry's hand for 10 seconds flat."  says George. "Oh and you can do it for longer if you so desire." he added.  I blush, and do the dare.  Harry's hands were very very very sweaty. " I feel you, i really do I had to do something like that." Says Hermione.  i blush, and then it had been 10 seconds.  i get up to go back to my seat, when George shoves me back, and everyone falls to the ground. i open my eyes and seea blue shirt.  I was on top of harry.  i quickly get up, and glare at George.  Harry was blushing very badly.  Suddenly Ginny shrieks and we all look out the window to see the Amazing Hogwarts.




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