Imagine there was another witch in the Harry Potter Gang. Would she change anything? Imagine Harry Potter with another girl, who everyone adores.


6. The Dance Party

 I wake up in the morning, and see people looking at my face.  It was blurry so i couldn't tell who it was.  It came into focus and i see the boys looking at my face. I was in the common room laying in a arm chair. The boys from the boys dormitory.  I see Seamus, Dean, Ron, George, Neville, and in the corner by a window Harry, Looking out the window with a glum look on his face.  Them last night had came into my head.  The roof, The joke, and the kiss.  Why had i been so mean to Harry?  He probably wanted that moment.  And i had ruined it for him.  I didn't even mean to kiss Fred, I just needed a break.  I am glad i kissed Fred, but I'm stupid for being mean to my best friend.  The boys reliazed it was awake, and backed away.  I sat up, and walked over to Hermione and Ginny by the porthole talking.  Hey.  i say glumly.  Omg you kissed my brother! Exclaimed Ginny.  I thought you said you weren't going to worry about boys.  Hermione said.  Suddenly Ron passed them and said Hey coming to the Quittch game tonight?  You know it!  Yelled Hermione.  There was something odd about Hermione these days whenever she was by Ron.  I shrugged and we headed down for breakfeast.  I quickly look for Fred, hoping to be able to sit by him.  While i was finding him i see something very funny by the table.  Lavender and Hermione were talking.  But every now and then the would quickly move their eyes toward the table.  Suddenly Ron strolled into the Great Hall, and sat down by a very glum Harry.  Suddenly both girls looked over, and looked at each other.  Than they both raced toward him.  As fast as they could.  Sprinting even.  But then Hermione lurched forward and just in time sat by him.  her hair blew toward Ron's face as she sat down out of breath.  What's the matter with you?  Asked Ron.  Thought-Thought i saw my favroite book.  She rushed.  But know that i'm here, I'll eat some breakfeast.  She begun eating her waffles, sometimes lurch her head toward Lavender down the table.  I laughed, and gave up trying to find Fred.  Suddenly i hear banging.  In a Rythm.  Boys and Girls were starting to make music.  The teachers weren't there.  Some people got up, and started Dancing.  People got on top of the tables and danced.  Ron suddenly got up to join, And Lavender and Hermione pushed each other to get there first.  Mofaly had just left the hall looking disgusted.  I rolled my eyes, and decided to join.  I got up onto a table as people danced.  People cheered for me, as i got up. I put down my head.  I slam my foot down.  Then I rock my legs.  Then I lift my head up.  Song: 



​It is crazy I'm like this.  Don't be like that!  

i picked my I picked my choice. Cause that is the plan.........



I start rocking. Everyone cheers.  I end my song and dance on the tables.  I look over and see Harry had finally picked up his head.  I sang that cause that was the problem.  I had picked one, and don't be sad.  WHAT IS GOING ON?!  Yelled a voice.  Everyone stops and looks toward where the yelling was coming from.  Professor Snape was standing at the door, Draco at his side.  Snape ran over to someone and pushed him out of the way.  YOU!  He points at me.  YOU GET DOWN!  I look around.  Other people were on the tables.  And the tables they were on were closer to snape!  Oh I see.  I say.  You want to pick on me.  I say.  You could've Yelled at those students first, they were closer, but oh know, you have to come over to me, to see my pretty face.   Everyone bursts out laughing.  Oh and I'm not finished.  I say.  You think I'm too good and that I will never like you.  You want me to be your little new slythrin Draco girl!  I say loudly.  WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT?!  He yelled.  See you don't even have the brains to figure it out.  Can't figure out why your a teacher.  Anyway I mean that you want me to be a Slythrin girl,  cause I popular, so you can be popular.  You want me to be your new pet, and marry Draco.  But no that's not happening.  I'm a Gryffindor girl, I am popular, I make my friends popular, I'm no one's pet, and I don't know who I'm going to marry.  Right now I'm dating Fred, so you have no right to be here.  Shoo shoo.  I say.  Snape's face turns bright red.   Detention.  He said sternly.





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