Imagine there was another witch in the Harry Potter Gang. Would she change anything? Imagine Harry Potter with another girl, who everyone adores.


4. Relationships

Fred tried to kiss me!  I yell at Hermione and Ginny.  Ginny and Hermione jump up and down.  Maya!  They yell.  I was confused. That's bad.  I said.  I knew it!  Yelled Ginny.  Knew what? I ask.Suddenly I see Harry pass us with a very disappointed look on his face.  I wondered what was wrong. He was my best friend.  I follow him as he walks down a moving staircase.  Darn it, it moved.  I went on the next staircase, and slid down the ramp.  When it came to Harry's staircase, I slid off of it.  He turns around as my feet thump on the ground.  Oh hey.  He said weakly. Hey.  I say.  So I heard Fred tried to kiss you.  I blushed.  That's why he was disappointed.  I always had this abstention with him. It's just he's Harry Potter.  The famous Harry Potter.  But right now I wasn't feeling that abstention.  Rumors spread so fast around here.  I mutter.  He smirks. Yeah trust me I know.  Oh I do trust you.  I say.  He smilies.  Suddenly our staircase stops.  I look behind Harry.  It had stopped at no landing.  I look over the ramp. We were in the middle of the air.  Crap. I say.  He looks over.  Oh man that never happens!  He says. I'm not a man. I say.  He smirks.  I know. We sit down on a step.  How was it?  Asks Harry quietly.  How was what?  I ask.  Fred trying to kiss you.  Why didn't you do it back?  I just- wasn't ready.  I said.  Oh ok.  He said.  Ever had a boyfriend?  He asked me.  Um no, but I can tell you when I was in Pre-school a guy name Rodger tried to kiss me. He laughed.  We sat there awkwardly.  So what about you Harry.  I mean I am one of your best friends I should know, but have you had a girlfriend?  I asked.  Um no. He answers quickly.  You want one?  I asked fast. Uh I don't know?  He asked awkwardly. Well I know like 100 girls that would live to be your girlfriend.  I say.  Are you one of them?  He asks.  Um I think I'm going to try and move the staircase now.  I say quickly. Oh yeah um yeah.  Harry says awkwardly.  I get out my wand, and move the staircase to the landing we were on.  We both get off, and smile. I'm gonna go to the common room.  Wanna come?  I ask. Oh yeah it's getting late.......He says.  




So Fred tried to kiss you?  Asked Parvati.  I sighed for the millionth time.  YES!  I yell.  We were in our dormitory, sitting on our beds talking.  Suddenly we hear a OHHHHHHHH!  From all the way from the boy's dormitory.  Again.  Suddenly someone opens the door, and did something I could never imagine.




Harry's P.O.V


Truth or dare Ron! Yells Seamus.  We were in our dormitory playing truth or dare.  Um truth?  Who do you like?  Asks Seamus.  Um Hermione?  The boys laugh.  Including me.  Ok ok, Harry truth or dare? Asks Dean. Um Dare?  I say.  Oh ok first answer this who is your crush?  Just flinched.  I didn't really wanna share about my crush on Maya.  Ron looked at me nervously.  He knew the answer. Um Maya.  I mutter. The boys shout in laughter.  I sat there looking at the floor.  Oh ok, well um I dare you to go in the girls dormitory, and kiss Maya on the cheek. I would say lips, but I don't want to loose you as a friend. My insides quiver.  Um ok.  I answer.  I get up, and open the door.  I go down the staircase then up the girls. I stop at the door that says 5th year girls. I sigh, and puff out my chest.  I open the door, and quickly walk straight to Maya.

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