Cameron Dallas | Member [Discontinued]

Your POV: You go to Magcon with your best friend Ally to meet Cameron Dallas. Once Cameron saw you in the crowd he thought love at first sight! You fall in love and get his number only to find a love full of ups and downs.

(This description sucks ass but it's a good book... well until the point were it's cut off)


32. What?

  Chapter ThirtyTwo


 You woke up the next morning in the bed. Cameron must have carried you to bed after you both fell asleep on the hammock. You smiled at the thought of that. Cameron wasn't in bed so you decided to get up. As you walked out the room you could smell breakfast being made. You walked in to the kitchen to see Cameron cooking some eggs, shirtless. Ahh he looked so sexy standing there. "Mornin!" Cameron said in a funny accent. "Good morning." I replied and pecked his cheek. You sat down at the kitchen table. "I'm making your favorite! An egg, cheese, and bacon sandwhich on a sesame bagel." Cameron said putting the sandwhich together. You smiled and said "can't wait." You loved when Cameron remembered the little things about you, it made you feel special. Cameron walked over to the kitchen table and handed you your sandwich and sat down and began to eat his. "Thank you Cameron." I said smiling to him. "Your welcome." Cameron replied smiling with a mouth full of food. You chuckled a little and so did he. After you both finished eating you remembered you had to go for your last fitting for your wedding dress. "So today I have to go and get my last fitting for my dress just to make sure its perfect for the big day." I said. "Babeeeeee don't goooo." He replied. You chuckled. "But I haveeee to." I said getting up. Cameron jumped in front of you stopping you from moving. You looked up at him and then down at his hard abs. You bit your bottom lip trying to maintain your urge to just jump right on him. "Can I come?" Cameron whispered tucking a piece of your hair behind your ear. "No. You can't because I want the dress to be a complete surprise." I replied smiling. You looked back down at his sexy abs. You put your hand on them and felt how hard they were. Cameron pulled your waist in to his so you were touching. "Babe..." I whispered. "What?" "Have i ever told you how sexy you are?" Cameron smiled. "I am pretty sexy aren't I?" He said chuckling. You pushed him off of you chuckling. "Yes you are." I replied.

  You spent the rest of the night hanging out with all of the guys and Cameron. “Hey we should watch a horror movie!” Nash said. “Ok yeah, pick one out I gotta go to the bathroom.” Cameron said and got up and headed to the bathroom. You all decided on a movie and hit play when Cameron entered the room again. Cameron sat down next to you on the couch. Hayes was laying on the floor, Nash was on the other side of Cameron on the couch, and Carter was on the recliner chair. When the movie started to get scary you cuddled in to Cameron’s warm, and safe chest where he held you tightly. You automatically felt safer…and happier. After the movie was over it was about midnight. “I wanna do something crazy.” Cameron said sitting up from the couch. Everyone, including you, looked at Cameron surprised. “Like what?” Hayes said. “Like…going cliff jumping. I know a perfect place!” Cameron replied. Everyone’s eyes lit up and Nash began to smile. “Sounds fun to me!” Carter said. “Same! Lets go!” Nash replied. You chuckled at how spontaneous and fun this sounds. “I’m down.” I said smiling at Cameron. “I knew you would.” He said and kissed you cheek lightly. “Well…what are we waiting for?!” Nash said. “Lets go!” Cameron said. You all piled in to Cameron’s car with him driving, you in the passenger seat, and the three guys all in the back. Cameron drove for about 20 minutes until you all finally arrived to the place Cam was thinking of. It didn’t look like anything at all…there was nothing but trees. Cameron parked the car on the side of the road and everyone all got out. “Um where are we going exactly?” Hayes asked. “Follow me. It’s a little of a walk but trust me…its worth it when we get there.” Cameron replied reassuring everyone. Cameron led everyone in to the forest. It was dark but luckily everyone had flashlights on their phones. This was about to be a night to remember.. I hope.


Ugh, cause i'm a little bitch i'll post all thats in my drafts cause you guys waited for years >3> I'm horrible I know....

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