Cameron Dallas | Member [Discontinued]

Your POV: You go to Magcon with your best friend Ally to meet Cameron Dallas. Once Cameron saw you in the crowd he thought love at first sight! You fall in love and get his number only to find a love full of ups and downs.

(This description sucks ass but it's a good book... well until the point were it's cut off)


14. What just happened?

  Chapter Fourteen.



  He leaned in and kissed my lips passionately. I pulled away and got in the front. Cameron got behind you. He pushed his body up against mine. I melted. He put his chin on my shoulder and wrapped his arms around my waist. "You're so sexy." Cameron whispered in to my ear. I blushed and smiled. He kissed the outside of my ear lightly and it tickled a little. I gripped on to the gas pedal and held it down.

  I rode off in to the distance and enjoyed it. It was eventually time to head back so I turned around and drove back. We hopped off and started walking back to where all our stuff was. "Did you have fun?" Cameron said hugging me from behind. "I had an amazing time!" I replied. "Im glad. Wanna go to lunch with the boys?" He asked. "Yesss I'm starving!" I replied. Everyone packed up their stuff and headed to the car. I got in the car and everyone was in the same spots. I was right next to Taylor. I accidentally looked in to his eyes. 

  He felt me starring at him and looked down at me. He smiled at me. I lightly smiled and quickly looked away. Oh crap, I can't lead him on! I thought to myself. eventually we pulled up to an In and Out. I was starving. I hopped out and walked over to Cameron. I held his hand and walked in the doors. Taylor was walking on the other side of me. We ordered our food and sat down at a table. I started to eat your burger pretty fast. "Wow Jessie... you must have been really hungry!" Matt said across the table. 

  I nodded yes and smiled because my mouth was full of food. They all chuckled a little. I had a great time at in and out with all the boys. We all headed back to the car and got in. "Alright so who's coming over?" Cameron asked. "Hey man lets all go to your house and watch a scary movie or something." Taylor replied. "Alright yeah. Sound good Jessie?" Cameron asked. "Yeah" I said and looked down. "Damn..I just remembered I gotta get home. Can you drop me off?" Matt asked Cameron. "Sure man." Cam replied.

 We dropped Matt off and then drove to Cameron's house. I walked inside and all the boys went to the living room. "Hey Jessie? Can you come to my room for a sec?" Cameron asked. Oh no... what could this be about. Was it about me and Taylor? I thought. "Sure babe." I replied. I walked to Cams room and walked in. "What's up?" I said casually. "I was wondering if you mined when the boys come over?" Cameron asked. "No I don't mind at all!" I replied. " just didn't seem too excited about it in the car." Cameron said. "Oh babe no... Its just that... I have to tell you something." I said walking closer to Cameron. He was sitting on his bed and I was standing in between his legs.

  "What is it?" Cameron asked concern. "Well... I'm scared of scary movies." I said blushing. "Awww babe it's okay! Don't worry...we can cuddle up." Cameron said caressing my cheek. "As long as I have you." I said quietly still embarrassed and giggled. "C'mon, let's face one of your fears." Cameron said standing up. He kissed my lips lightly.

  We walked back to the living room where the boys were flipping around on Netflix finding a movie in the category "horror". "Everything okay?" Nash asked. "Yeah...everything is great." Cameron said wrapping his arm around my shoulder. We sat down on the couch. Cameron positioned himself so he was laying down and patted a spot for you to lay down next to him. I laid my head on his shoulder and laid your legs down beside his so I was laying down side by side.

  "Alright how about Insidious?" Taylor asked. "Sure." Cameron said. Taylor pressed the play button and the movie started. I was scared at first but when Cameron cuddled up next to me, all the fear washed away and you just focused on him. He looked so perfect. The movie was pretty scary and during the pop ups I jumped. Cameron would always whisper in my ear and ask "Are you okay?" so sincerely. He really cared about me. Every time he asked, you would nod my head yes and continue watching the movie.

  The movie eventually ended. "How did you like the movie babe?" Cameron asked as he sat up from the position he was in. "You know what...I actually kinda liked it!" I replied. "Im so glad. Maybe we should watch Insidious 2." Cameron said. "Don't get too crazy!" I replied sitting up from the position I was in. We all chuckled a little. "Alright I gotta hit the road." Taylor said. "Yeah me too." Nash said after. We all walked to the door.

  Cameron said bye to Nash and I walked over to Taylor. "Hey Jessie I never got you'er phone number! Since we'll be hanging out more I think we should at least have each other's numbers." Taylor said. I guessed it wasn't that weird, he's just a friend. "Yeah here I'll put my contact in your phone." I said putting out my hand for him to give me his phone. "Hey I want your number too!" Nash said when he saw me and Taylor exchanging numbers. "Okay Nash." I said chuckling a little. I gave them both my number. "Alright thanks Jessie" Taylor said and hugged me. "No problem." I said and hugged him. I hugged Nash and said goodbye to them. They left. Now it was just you and Cameron.

  I smiled at Cameron when the front door was completely closed. "Whatcha lookin at?" Cameron asked smiling. "Oh ya know... just the hottest, most amazing guy in the world. Also known as my boyfriend." I said biting my bottom lip. He looked at me up and down and walked towards me slowly. He leaned in closer to me and said "I love you."

  He kissed my lips passionately. He moved his hand up and down on my back. I wrapped my arms around his neck. I bent down and jumped on Cameron wrapping my legs around his waist. He started walking towards his bedroom while we were still making out passionately. I was tightly wrapped around him. He opened his door and plopped me down on his bed. We kept making out. He started unbuttoning his pants. "Wait Cameron." I said. "I'm not ready." I said guiltily. He looked deep in to my eyes. He didn't say anything back, he just starred at you. "Cameron?" I asked after a couple moments of silence.

  "I can't believe this." Cameron said. "After all I've done for you...Is it because you don't love me? huh?!" Cameron said buttoning his pants and getting off of me. I sat up and looked in to his sad and angry eyes. "Cameron no, that's not the reas-" I said. "Is it because you like Taylor?!" Cameron said raising his voice. My eyes widened I'm surprised yet not that he said that. "No!" I said nicely but forceful. Cameron walked over to the kitchen in rage. "Cameron let me explain!" I said begging for forgiveness following him to the kitchen. "What is there to explain Jessie??" Cameron asked. "I'm just not ready!

  To be honest...I've never. I've never done 'it' before. I love you Cameron. I hope your not offended, I really just want to take things slow, especially when it comes to sex." I said innocently. He didn't reply. He picked his eyes up from the floor and looked at me. "Get out." He said quietly. I looked in to his eyes. I started crying. Cameron didn't understand. I never thought he would react this way, why did he react this way!?


 There is the juicy stuff, and sadly I'm not sure when I can update next. (and right when we get to the juicy stuff to) :c Sorry I'll try to update ASAP!! Thaaanks!!



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