Cameron Dallas | Member [Discontinued]

Your POV: You go to Magcon with your best friend Ally to meet Cameron Dallas. Once Cameron saw you in the crowd he thought love at first sight! You fall in love and get his number only to find a love full of ups and downs.

(This description sucks ass but it's a good book... well until the point were it's cut off)


35. Together

  Chapter Thirty Five


  When you got there Cameron already invited Nash and Matt over. "I guess we'll make it a pool party!" I said to Ally as we walked inside. "Hey guys!" I said to everyone. "Hey *yn*! I haven't seen you in forever...I missed you." Matt said giving you a hug. "Aww I missed you too Matt!" A couple minutes of small talk passed by until you said "me and Ally are gonna go get in our swim suits." "ok." Cameron said. You both walked in to your room and you handed Ally one of your swimsuits.

  "You can change in the bathroom." I said. "Ok thanks." She replied and walked in the bathroom. You then picked out what bathing suit you were going to wear. You decided on a bright pink top with black and white bottoms that show a lot of your butt...'simple but cute' you thought. You quickly changed before Ally came out of the bathroom. "Does it fit?" I asked as she walked out. "Yes! Im kinda in love with it too." She replied.

  "haha I got it at Tillys if you were wondering." I said. "I might just have to go buy it." She said smiling. You both walked back in to the kitchen where all the boys were standing. Immediately Cameron's and your eyes met. Cameron loves when your in a tiny bikini. Everyone was silent when you both walked in. "Umm I'm gonna go swimming now.

  "Ally said breaking the silence. "Me too." I said. You both began to walk outside to the pool until Cameron grabbed your arm and quietly asked "can i talk to you?" "Sure." I replied and followed Cameron to the bathroom. He closed the door behind you. "Whats this about Cam?" I asked a little scared. "Your sexy right now and i cant maintain myself." Cameron said pulling you in to him. You smiled.

  When you and Cameron went in the backyard no one questioned where you were. Either they knew or didn't even think about it. Ally was already on a raft floating away in the pool and Nash and Matt were talking in the shallow part. "Comin in?" Ally asked when she saw you. "For sure!" I replied as I backed up and took a leap in the refreshing pool. "Ahhh it feels so nice." I said. Ally nodded in agreement. "R u gonna come in babe?" I asked to Cameron who was standing near the pool. "Uhh I don't know yet." "Well I can make the decision for you very easy." I said getting out of the pool. Everyone looked at what you were about to do. Cameron smiled and said "oh no you don't". "Yes I do!"

  I said running towards him. Cameron ran around the pool to the other side so now you were face to face across the pool. You smirked at him. Cameron bit his bottom lip and took his shirt off. "So you are getting in?" I asked emphasizing the 'are'. "Well your gonna have to make me." He replied. You quickly ran over to the other side and grabbed on to Cameron's waist before he could run away. "Gotchya!" I yelled when I finally got a hold of him. Cameron turned around so you were grabbing him from the front. "Not if I get you first!" Cameron yelled and picked you up from up the armpits and threw you in. When you reached the surface of the water you looked up at Cameron who had a big smile on his face. You made a mad face until you heard Nash say "Oh thats it!" Nash ran out of the pool and chased Cameron until he finally got a good push and in Cameron went.


*Cries cause one of my favorite books abruptly stopped writing* Guess you could call it karma for neglecting you guys ;-; love youuuuuuuu

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