Cameron Dallas | Member [Discontinued]

Your POV: You go to Magcon with your best friend Ally to meet Cameron Dallas. Once Cameron saw you in the crowd he thought love at first sight! You fall in love and get his number only to find a love full of ups and downs.

(This description sucks ass but it's a good book... well until the point were it's cut off)


20. Taylor

  Chapter Twenty


   Cameron came over and started watching The Vampire Diaries with you after you explained what happened with Bailey. He was so mad that he even asked if you wanted him to talk to Bailey about it for you. You said no of course and you both continued watching. "You know I kinda like this show." Cameron said. You were wrapped up in his arms. "Oh you do?" I asked looking in his eyes.

  "Yeah like I think thayt here is a lot of drama but it's pretty interesting when you listen." Cameron said. "Now you understand why girls like it so much." I replied. "I guess so." Cameron said chuckling. You both continued watching. After 2 episodes, Cameron had to leave. It was only 6:20pm. You had the rest of the night ahead of you. You just remembered about Bailey. You can't believe she hasn't even texted you apologizing yet!

  You were done with her. you walked down stairs and began to cook some pasta. You heard your phone buzz. You got a text. You looked and it was from Taylor. "Hey *yn*. What's up I miss you. Wanna hang out soon?" It read. You were a little confused but thought it through that he was only a friend. You didn't think Cameron would be too thrilled about you and Taylor hanging out. You replied saying this.

  "Hey Taylor! It would be fun to hang out but I don't know how Cameron is going to feel about us hanging out. He is kind of protective, if you know what I mean." You were being honest. He replied saying this. "*yn*...we are just friends. Ya, i could see Cameron being protective over you but he shouldn't be protective about me and you hanging out cause we are JUST friends. I wouldn't take you away from Cam. You are both my friends."

 You replied saying this. "Ok ya your right. i'd love to hang out but i'm still gonna tell Cam. You never know when he might get jealous." He replied "Okay ya. I understand. Let me know what he thinks about it tomorrow." You were happy he wasn't mad. "Sure of course. Thanks for understanding! Talk to you tomorrow." I sent.

  You finished making your pasta and ate it right away. When you finished eating, you went to your room and watched movies the rest of the night. You decided to text Cameron. "I miss you." I sent. Your eyes began to feel heavy. You slowly fell asleep. Cameron never replied to your text and you really wished he did cause you missed him.

 You woke up the next morning at 10:46am. You were glad to see Cameron texted you back. "Hey babe I miss you more. Call me when you wake up! I need to hear your voice." It read. You called him right away. It rang a couple times and then he picked up. "Good morning." Cameron said. "Good morning!" I said in my crazy morning voice. "How are you?" Cameron asked. "Im good, but babe i gotta ask you something." I said.

  You were about to ask about the whole Taylor thing. "Sure what is it?" He asked. "So uhmm before you say anything hear me out. So Taylor asked me if I wanted to hang out with him and I didn't give him an answer yet. I said I would ask how you feel about it. Also, Taylor promised me we were nothing more than friends.

  I think he's telling the truth. So what do you think?" I said. "Well uhmm you know what. I don't mind if you two hang out. Just don't have too much fun without me." Cameron replied. He took it way better than you thought he would. "For real?! You don't care?!" I asked. "No, I trust both of you and I love you. Isn't that part of a" Cameron asked. "Definently! Well thanks for understanding." I said.

  "No problem. Anything for you bae. So uh I gotta go but update me after you and Taylor hang out! MaYbe you can come over?" Cameron said. "Okay I'll come over right when me and Taylor are done hanging out, I'll text you first though!I love youuuuuu." I replied. "Love you more." Cameron said making kissy noises over the phone. You replied by making kissy noises at him too.

  You pressed the end button. You smiled in delight. Right away you texted Taylor. "Good morning! Cameron is totally fine with us hanging out! So what shall we do?" You got out of bed and hopped in the shower. When you got out, you looked at your phone and had a text from Taylor.

"Yay I'm so glad. How about lunch and a movie?" You replied "Sure! Pick me up at 1:30pm?" "Okay see u then!" He replied. You got dressed in leggings and a long violet shirt that went down to your upper thighs. You did your hair, makeup, and brushed your teeth. You slipped on a pair of socks and cozy uggs. You looked at the time and it was 1:35pm. "Waiting outside." Taylor texted you. You grabbed your wallet and phone and headed out.


   I was going to post yesterday but it was my bros 15th Birthday c: So I had to celebrate with him! Hope you liked to chapter! Thaaaanks c;


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