Cameron Dallas | Member [Discontinued]

Your POV: You go to Magcon with your best friend Ally to meet Cameron Dallas. Once Cameron saw you in the crowd he thought love at first sight! You fall in love and get his number only to find a love full of ups and downs.

(This description sucks ass but it's a good book... well until the point were it's cut off)


18. Photo Shoot

  Chapter Eighteen


  You woke up the next morning at 11:21AM. You looked at your phone and saw a text from Cameron. It said "Babe. Answer please!" There was also 2 missed calls from him. You quickly texted him back worrying it was something urgent. You said "So babe I just woke up. Whats up?" About 2 minutes after you got a call from Cam. "Hello?" I said. "Hey babe I have a question." Cam said. "Uh oh. What is it?" I replied.

  "Well, I have a photo shoot today and hmm...I was wondering if you wanted to be in it with me?! The people who want pictures from me asked if you were willing to do it with me. They said it's the 'new me'. So you in?" Cam asked. "Oh my gosh! Of course! Hmm. What time? I need to shower." I replied. "I'll pick you up at 12:15.

  We gotta be there by 1. And don't need to shower, you look beautiful either way." Cameron said. "Hmm.. babe that's sweet of you to say that but if you saw me right now I don't think you would be thinking the same thing." I said chuckling as I looked in the mirror revealing my crazy hair and makeup. "Not true. I missed you last night. I loved having you in my arms." Cameron said sweetly.

  You could feel the butterflies in your stomach. You were getting butterflies and you weren't even with Cameron! "I missed you too. You were much warmer than the thin blanket on my bed." I replied smiling. You could tell he smiled too. "Alright well I'll let you shower and get ready. I'll see you at 12:15 no later." Cam said.

  "Okay, see you then! Can't wait!" I replied and we ended the call. You hoped in the shower. When you finished, you walked over to your dresser and picked out what to wear. You choose dark jeans and a pink shirt with the silver words "PINK" on it. You thought they would have something for you to wear there so you didn't look to fancy. You did your hair and applied light makeup. Finally you got the text from Cameron saying "Im outside.

  "You said bye to your mom and left. "Hey!" I said when I got in the car. "What's up?" Cameron replied. "Nothing much! I missed you." I replied and kissed Cameron on the cheek. He started the car and off we were driving to the photo shoot.

 You finally made it to the photo shoot. There weren't many cars parked in the parking lot. You and Cameron parked and then got out. Cameron held your hand as you both walked in to the building. The moment you entered the building you were greeted by a younger lady who had blonde hair and was wearing dark denim jeans with a red blouse.

  "Hey Cameron how are you?!" She asked excitedly. Cameron let go of your hand and gave her a hug while saying "I'm doing great Crystal. How bout you?" "Aw ya know same old same old...luckily I love it!" Crystal said sarcastically. They both chuckled a little. "And you must be the lovely *yn* I've heard about." Crystal said looking at you.

  "Yep that's me." I said blushing a little. "Well I'm Crystal and I'm the director of the shoot and I can't wait to get started! So how about we get you to changed and get your hair and makeup all done?" She said. You smiled. "Sounds good!" I replied. Crystal took you and Cameron in to separate rooms. Inside there were three girls.

  "Hi *yn* Im Jenna your makeup artist, this is Hannah your fashion adviser, and last but not least...Ellie who will be doing your hair!" Jenna said right away. "Cool!" I replied. You looked around. There were clothes everywhere and a big mirror with makeup and hair things on the dresser in front of it. Everything was so satisfied. You were so excited! "Alright well we are going to start off with make up so come take a seat right here.

  "Jenna said gesturing to the only seat in the room. You sat down. This was so fun for you! You've never experienced anything like this so you were kinda nervous but more excited! "And....done!" Jenna said after finishing your makeup. you looked in the mirror and saw yourself. "You are truly amazing Jenna! Thank you so much!" I replied. You had dark eye shadow on and bright red lip stick. "Good cause I have the PERFECT outfit for *yn*. Oh hun it's gonna look so good on your figure!" Hannah said from across the room.

 You looked over at the dress she was holding up. It was a black fancy dress with a tight upper portion and then puffed out at the bottom. Like a Cinderella dress. You stared at it with awe. "Well come on babe lets get you dressed!" Hannah said when she saw you starring at the dress. You quickly got up and got dressed in the beautiful gown. You then thought that this photo shoot was going to be something more classy and satisfied.

  You looked in the mirror in awe. "O..M..G." I said. "I told you it would look absolutely amazing!" Hannah said fluffing out the bottom of the skirt. "Its beautiful." I said. "I'm glad you like it. We better get you over to hair now." Hannah said. You back over to the chair where Jenna did your makeup. "Hmm....I think we should go with hair down with loose curls and maybe a red flower piece to match the lips. Sound good?" Ellie asked.

  "Sound great!" I replied. In no time Ellie finished your hair. You could tell she was a professional. "Alright your all done! Take a look." Ellie said turning your chair to face the mirror. Your jaw dropped. You looked amazing. Someone opened the door and you both turned to see who it was. "Alright we gotta get a move on. Come on *Yn*." Crystal said and walked with you out to the set.

 The background was pure white and there was big shiny lights set up behind the three main cameras. But you didn't see Cameron. You just expected he was still getting ready. "Okay so can we do some solo shots of you? Your dress is so gorgeous! Cameron is going to love it." Crystal said positioning me on the set.

  You smiled. You felt so confident. "Alright lets see what you got. Think of these things...innocent, confident, sassy, classy. When you don't know a pose, think about those words, innocent, confident, sassy and classy." The photographer told you. You nodded your head to show you were understanding. You started off with an innocent smile. "Beautiful!!" The photograph said a lot. You must have taken at least 30 pictures. That's when Cameron walked in. You looked straight at him. He smiled at you and bit his bottom lip. Cam was wearing a black and white tux. He looked so perfect and sexy. You walked over to him.

  "You look absolutely beautiful." Cameron said wrapping his arms around you. "Thank you. You clean up nice yourself." I replied. You wrapped your arms around him and pecked his lips. "Beautiful couple!!!" Crystal said. "Lets get started." She yelled. You both walked over and Crystal positioned you both on the set. "Lets go for sexy but classy. Oh my you both are just so gorgeous! Perfect, perfect." Crystal said.

  You smiled up at Cameron and blushed. After a couple of pictures the photographer said "okay lets see a kiss. Let me get a snap of each phase so like one before the kiss and so on." You looked at Cameron. *click* the first picture was taken. You both leaned in a little closer and *click* another pic was taken.

  So on and so on until you and Cameron were fully kissing. You pulled away and smiled. "Amazing!" The photographer said. After about 80 pictures it was over. "Fantastic! You both can head back to the dressing rooms and change. Meet back here in 10 and we will chat." Crystal said. You and Cameron went back and changed. After 10 minutes you both met up with Crystal again. "I have very little words for you two.

 You are the most perfect couple I have ever seen. When you put two beautiful people in a room and take some pictures...they turn out amazing. Thank you both! I'm so glad *yn* could make it today!" Crystal said. "Thank you for inviting me. it was an amazing experience." I said. You both said goodbye to Crystal and thanked everyone. Then you went to Cameron's car and headed home.


 Hope you liked the chapter tell me if you want it back in Jessie's POV! Thaaanks c:


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