Cameron Dallas | Member [Discontinued]

Your POV: You go to Magcon with your best friend Ally to meet Cameron Dallas. Once Cameron saw you in the crowd he thought love at first sight! You fall in love and get his number only to find a love full of ups and downs.

(This description sucks ass but it's a good book... well until the point were it's cut off)


24. Mrs. Dallas

  Chapter Twenty Four


   "Wake up babe...wake up!" You heard Cameron say. Cameron was smiling standing over you shaking your body. You smiled and looked at your hand. "Time to get ready. My mom will be here in an hour." Cameron said. You took your eyes away from the beautiful ring that sat on your finger perfectly and got in the shower. After a nice shower you wrapped your hair in a towel and your body in another. You went over to your dresser and picked out what you were going to wear. You chose denim shorts and a white, loose crop top. You took the towel off your body and slipped on black laced underwear and bra. Cameron walked passed you while you were changing and all he could do was stare. "Zayummm." Cameron said biting his bottom lip.

  You blushed and smiled back. You slipped on your shorts and walked over to Cameron. "Control yourself mr." I said chuckling. You picked up your shirt and put it on. You walked over to the mirror and took the towel off of your hair and brushed it out. You brushed your teeth and applied light makeup. You decided to put your hair in a side braid and then you were done. Cameron's mom was gonna be here in about 10 minutes and you were kinda nervous. You hoped she liked you...cause well, you're kinda marrying his son. Cameron walked out of the bathroom wearing tan shorts, and a blue collared shirt. He looked so sexy.

  You walked over to cam biting your bottom lip. "Control yourself missy." Cameron said chuckling. You laughed and said "maybe I don't wanna." You rested your hands on Cameron's chest and began kissing him slowly and very sexy. Cameron put his hands on your ass and held on tight. You began smiling while kissing and so did Cameron. You both pulled away from the kiss when you heard someone knock on the door. "She's always on time." Cameron said. You looked up at Cameron nervously. "C'mon...she's gonna love you." Cameron said and held your hand as you both walked out of the bedroom and towards the door. Cameron opened the door and immediately gave his mom a big hug.

 You, Cameron, and Cameron's mom all sat down at a table. Cameron didn't notice Sam yet but you did. "Im gonna run to the bathroom real quick." Gina said. "Ok." cameron replied. "Cam...turn around." I said after Gina was gone. Cameron turned around and saw Sam. He turned back around and looked at you. "Its okay. I'm not gonna let this ruin our day." Cameron said. You smiled lightly still a little worried about the whole situation. "Hello can I start you all off with something to drink?" The waitress said. "Yeah uhm I'll have a water please." I said. She nodded then looked at Cameron. "I'll have a chocolate milk please and she's gonna want a water."

  Cameron said ordering for his mom too. "Ok, I'll bring those back in a bit." The waitress said and off she went. Gina came back and sat down. "I ordered you a water." Cam said to his mom. "Ok thanks." She said. Cameron smiled in reply. "So...tell me about yourself *yn*." Gina said. "Well I love volleyball and I've lived in California almost my whole life and I love it here." I said thinking about more things to tell her. "So volleyball is your passion?" Gina asked. "Yeah I love it...a lot." I said. She smiled. "She's really amazing at it too. I've watched her play and its incredible." Cameron said.

  You looked up at him and smiled. Your smile quickly faded when you saw Sam walking towards your table. "Hi Cameron." Sam said. Cameron turned around and said "Hi are you?" Cameron replied trying to be nice around his mom. "I'm good. What about you?" Sam asked. "I'm great actually." Cameron said smiling at you. You smiled back. Sam spotted Gina and smiled. "Hi Gina how are you?!" Sam asked. "Hi Sam! I'm good." Gina said smiling awkwardly. "Alright well you all have a good day." Sam said waving goodbye. "Bye Sam." Cameron said. "Bye Sam, nice seeing you!" Gina said being polite. "You too!" Sam said waving bye. "Well that was awkward." Cameron said after Sam was gone. "Yeah...just a little." I said.

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