Cameron Dallas | Member [Discontinued]

Your POV: You go to Magcon with your best friend Ally to meet Cameron Dallas. Once Cameron saw you in the crowd he thought love at first sight! You fall in love and get his number only to find a love full of ups and downs.

(This description sucks ass but it's a good book... well until the point were it's cut off)


1. Magcon

  Chapter One


Jessie woke up, turning over to grab her phone she read the time reading 10:46 and date reading Saturday 31st so she quickly jumped, up remembering that today she was going to Magcon to meet Cameron Dallas with her best friend Bailey!

She ran to the shower, taking her cloths off as fast as she could. When she got out she wrapped her hair in a towel and a towel around her body. She pick out a cloths to wear which was a black dress with white lase covering the black fabric. Jessie put on a light makeup, than after blow dried her hair and brushed it out. After she heard her phone buzz looking over seeing that her best friend Bailey was calling. She picked up with an excited

Jessie: "Hello!?"

Bailey: Hey i'm ready for you to come get me!"

Jessie: Okay i'm just walking out the door"

Jessie than said good bye to her mom rushing out the door making her way to her car.

When she got to Bailey's she honked the horn with an excited Bailey running out of the door.

Bailey jumped in the car with a huge smile on her face. Jessie than asked "Ready to go the MAGCON!?" Bailey than replied with a loud "YEEES!" So about 10-30 minutes they made it seeing that it was really packed. They parked as close as they could to the front of the building and got, to start walking in.

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