Cameron Dallas | Member [Discontinued]

Your POV: You go to Magcon with your best friend Ally to meet Cameron Dallas. Once Cameron saw you in the crowd he thought love at first sight! You fall in love and get his number only to find a love full of ups and downs.

(This description sucks ass but it's a good book... well until the point were it's cut off)


33. A Night to Remember

  Chapter Thirty Three


  After a bit of walking Cameron stopped. “What is it?” Carter asked. “We’re here…” Cameron said. Everyone stepped forward so they were in line with Cameron to see what he was talking about. Your eyes grew wide and your jaw practically dropped to the ground. Everyone was shocked of what was in front of them. It was a beautiful cliff leading to a big lake waiting at the bottom lit up by only the moonlight. “Are we jumping?!” Nash asked excitedly. “Nah dude lets just go home now..KIDDING! Hell yeah we’re jumping!” Cameron said. “Are you sure it’s deep enough at the bottom?” Hayes asked. “Yah man for sure. I used to come here all the time in my younger days.” Cameron replied. “Alright lets do this thing.” Carter said. “Everyone began stripping down in to their underwear and you in your underwear and bra. ‘Good thing you were matching.’ You thought to yourself. “We can leave our stuff here cause we gotta come back up, except for shoes.” Cameron said standing there in his underwear.

  You were completely turned on right now. “Who’s first?” I asked. “How ‘bout Nash since I can tell he’s about to pee his pants of excitement if he doesn’t.” Cameron said chucking. “Alright.” Nash said. “I’ll go last so I can get pics of everyone.” Carter said. “Ok cool. Lets see it Nash.” Cameron said. Nash took a deep breath in and breathed out slowly before he ran and jumped gracefully off the cliff, yelling of excitement. He crashed in to the water and came up shaking the water out of his hair. “How was it man?!” Hayes yelled down to nash who was swimming in the lake. “It was sick!” Nash yelled back.

 Hayes jumped next. You looked at Cameron and smiled. “I’m a little scared babe.” I admitted. “Wanna jump together?” Cameron asked. “Yes!” I replied. Cameron grabbed your hand and walked with you to the edge of the cliff. “Did I forget to mention that you look completely sexy under the moonlight.” Cameron said looking in to your eyes. You smiled and leaned in to passionately kiss him. You could hear a snap of a pic and turned to see Carter behind you and Cameron taking pictures. You chuckled and looked back at Cameron. “Ready?” He asked. You nodded your head nervously. You squeezed Cameron’s hand tighter. “1…2…3!” Cameron said and you both jumped off the cliff. You screamed until you felt the refreshing water. You swam to the surface and looked at everyone. “Nice one!” Nash said. “Good job yn!” Carter yelled down. “Thanks!” you yelled back up. Carter took a leap and dove right in to the water. 

  The four of you were all having a blast swimming and goofing around. You swam over to Cameron and whispered “wanna go somewhere private?” in his ear. He smiled big and nodded his head. You both swam over so you were behind a big rock where no one could see you. You wrapped your legs around Cameron’s waist and latched on. He put his hands on your lower back. “You look sexy under the moonlight too.” I said replying to what he said earlier. “Really?” Cameron said smirking. “Yep.” I said. You began to bend down and slowly take off your underwear. Once it was fully off you held it above the water to show Cameron. A huge grin formed on his face. “I need a little help with this one though.” I said turning around so Cameron could see my bra latch. His big hands gently grabbed it and unlatched it.

  You turned back around with your bra unlatched but still on. Cameron slowly dragged down the straps that were sitting on your shoulder so the bra would fall to the water. You threw both your underwear and bra on the big rock you were behind. You latched your legs around Cameron again and leaned in to kiss him. You began to passionately kiss while Cameron moved his hands all around your body. Cameron began to kiss and suck hard on your neck. A loud moan slipped from your mouth and you quickly covered your mouth. “Whatchya two doin over there??” You both heard Carter yell.

 You quickly grabbed your underwear and bra from the rock and put them back on. When you turned back around Nash, Carter, and Hayes were all swimming towards you and Cameron. You both acted natural when they finally saw both of you. “Ready to head back?” Nash asked suspiciously. “Yep!” I replied. You all got out and followed Cameron back up the hill to where the rest of your stuff was. You all grabbed your stuff and walked back to the car and drove home. “That was one of the best nights ever!” Hayes said when you all got back to Cameron’s house. “Yeah it sure was.” Cameron said smiling to you.

  You winked back. “*yn*…you got a little something on your neck.” Carter said pointing to his neck. You took out your phone to see your reflection and there it was…a big, fat, hickey. “Ooooo looks like someone had a little too much fun.” Nash said. “I bet its hard to resist on a girl like you.” Hayes said smiling at Cameron. You smiled back and said, "You have no idea” a smirking Cameron replied. “Sorry babe I didn’t think it would leave a mark.” Cameron said. “Its okay.” I replied. “Well you guys spending the night?” Cameron asked. “Sure sounds good to me!” Carter said. Looks like all the guys were spending the night…


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