A Frozen Dream

Frozen Tangled crossover. Hans strikes again! Anna and Kristoff get married! Rapunzel and Eugine expecting? Elsa finda true love??


2. After: Anna


Anna was practically glowing with excitement. She had literally tackled Kristoff to the ground in a lingering kiss when he asked her to marry him.

Anna had always imagined her wedding. Though in her imagination it had always been to a prince. That didn't matter anymore. Kristoff may not be a real prince, but he was Anna's knight in shining aarmor. Her prince charming. her dork in a funny hat.

"You think my hat's funny?" Kristoff had exclaimed.

Anna laughed. "Don't worry. Its the cutest kind of funny." And she kissed him bashfully on the cheek.

Hans, as handsom and charming as he was, turned out to be a cold hearted, evil excuse of a prince.

Even if he hadn't tried to kill her and her sister, and really was in love with her, Anna still would have chosen Kristoff.

She couldn't pinpoint the exact moment that she fell for Kristoff. It was more like how that girl from that book Anna had recently finished described it. "Slowly, and then all at once" or something like that.

When they first met, Anna had no intention of falling for him. After all, Anna was previously engaged to Hans at the time. She began to overlook that as they journeyed on. She found herself trying to stand just a little bit closer to him. And when she was dieing and he held her to him, she wanted to be even closer. She had been so cold, and he was so... Warm. So warm.

And then he came back for her. Hans left her for dead but Kristoff came back. He was like a fire in the midst of all the ice and wind that tore through her in te middle o that lake.

And her sister...

Anna remembers jumping in front of a blade to save Elsa. It was the best she could do. Let Kristoff save her, or save her dear sister. There was no contest. She loved Elsa more than anything. All she ever wanted was for her big sister to open the door and let her in.

And now they were together again. It was great to have Elsa back. And not just back in the castle, but back in her life! They were sisters again! Doing what sisters do! They talked about boys, did eachothers hair, stuffed their faces late at night, an hugged eachother until they cried. They no longer had to suffer the loss of their parents alone. Now they had eachother.

Anna was working on the guest list for the wedding. She concidered inviting Hans, just to get him out of prison and rub it in his face that after his best efforts, she was still alive and happy.

She invited all the reletives from all the nearby kingdoms. Even their Viking cousins were invited (as long as they promised to behave themselves). Anna ran her finger down the list and froze.

The king and queen of Corona.

The princess Rapunzel and husband of 3 years, Eugine Fitzherbert.

Corona. Three years ago Anna and Elsa's parets ser off to attend the wedding of Rapunzel, the lost and newly found princess, and her thieving lover, Eugine Fitzherbert. Also known as Flynn Rider. Rapunzels mother was Anna's father's sister. They set off on a ship headed for the celebration of their found niece, and her engagement.

They never returned.

Anna partially blamed her cousin for their death. She knew they didn't intend that storm to happen, but if Rapunzel had never fallen in love and desided to get married then her parents wouldn't have been on board. And they might still be alive.

She sent the royalty of Corona invitations anyway. They were still family. And she still loved her Aunt, Uncle and cousin of Corona.

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