[Book 1 of Complicated Trilogy]
“It may not be perfection, but it's complicated.”

Warning: Yellow—Contains mature content. Cursing is not censored.
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13. The Third Wheel Cliche


“You got it dude!”

As I walked out of the bathroom, twisting my towel around my hair and pulling it up, there was an ancient re-run of Full House playing on the TV. It wasn’t long until the pizza that I ordered arrived. Man, without Alanna, I couldn’t even make myself anything. Cooking just seemed better when she’s around. Speaking of…

I picked up my phone from the coffee table. Should I? I didn’t give a second thought.





“Hi this is Alanna! I can’t talk right now. Leave me a message please. Cheers!”


God fucking damn it. I couldn’t help but sigh. What time could it be in London? Ever since I elbowed Louis in the abdomen two weeks ago, I’ve been trying to call my beloved cousin.

“Alanna, please fucking answer me for once.”

I threw my phone to the love seat and sunk back into the sofa. Not hearing a word from Harry or Louis also makes being cooped up in my house bittersweet. For starters, Louis knows where I live; Harry does not. Has it honestly taken them that long to figure out where I am?

An empty bottle of Cline Cashmere red wine sat on the right of the sofa. Alanna is going to be pissed. Maybe if I replaced the empty contents with vodka and red Kool-Aid, she wouldn’t notice.

It went around in my mind a couple of times – the vodka and Kool-Aid thing – and a decision was made. I threw out the bottle in the kitchen trashcan instead. You know what they say: out of sight, out of mind.

Plopping back down on the couch, eager to watch some re-runs, my phone dinged.


Then twice.

I got up from the sofa and grabbed my phone from the love seat. Two new messages.


From: Harry

Pizza Party! :D


From: Louis

Want a slice? ;)


Oh God. No, no, no. Please no. Anyone but them. I began to fear for the worst.


-Ding Dong-


Please, oh please be the pizza I ordered. I walked towards the front door, my palms getting sweaty as I held the door knob.


“Hey.” Before me was an awkward Louis, holding what is supposedly my pizza. I was able to catch a glimpse of Harry from behind him. You could tell he somewhat felt out of place.


“We paid for your pizza,” Harry spoke. “May we come in?”


“Well, you already paid for it.” I motioned them. “Come on in. Take off the shoes though.” Without saying much, Louis and Harry came in, each taking off their shoes. Louis easily slipped his off while Harry had to sit on the floor near the front door to take off his boots. “You two seem to be dressed so nice for just a regular morning.”


“Dalia, it’s three in the afternoon.” Louis looked down at the carpet. “You and Alanna got new carpeting?”


“No, not at all.” I rolled my eyes. We all sat at the granite counter in the kitchen. I was the first to take a slice and cram it into my mouth. Hey, it was my pizza in the first place. “So,” I wiped off the pizza sauce from my mouth. “How did you find me? Surely a drunken one night stand wouldn’t help you remember where I lived.” Louis almost choked on a pepperoni slice.


He cleared his throat. “Um. I recalled Zayn telling me that hospital you two work at.” God damn it! He remembered… “Also we got help from a lovely nurse who was nice enough to tell us where you lived.”


Harry chimed in. “I think she said her name is Keke.” I’m going to have a word with Keisha as soon as I go back to work. “Dall, can I use the loo?”


“Yeah. It’s down the hall over there and make left at the end of the hall.” As soon as he left, it was just me and Louis.

 “It was just one night Louis,” I went to get two Capri Suns from the fridge. “What did you think was going to happen? I’d fall madly in love for you? Louis, I’m not stupid. Childish, but not stupid.” I handed him a Capri Sun.

He may have shown me that article about Briana, and we may have shared a night together, but I know that Louis always had a rough time trying to keep it in his pants. We sipped on our Capri Suns in silence. Fruit Punch. The most silent flavor of all.

“Can you do me a favor?” Louis asked after finishing his juice pouch.




“Can Haz and I crash here for a week or two? We were almost found out at the hotel and we paid the receptionist to confirm to anyone that came in asking that we did go to LA.”

Absolutely not. Not in a million years.


But the next words he spoke made my decision all the greater. “We’ll take you out drinking like we promised for your birthday.”


“Let me go get changed.” I threw out the trash from our pizza party and put the leftover pizza in the fridge. “Hey, do you think Harry is okay?”


Louis became concerned. “HARRY? YOU OKAY MATE?”


“Yeah. I’m right here Louis. You don’t have to scream,” Harry slowly emerged from the hallway. “I was just looking at the pictures hung up in the hallway.”

Yeah, looking at the pictures. I’ll play your little game. “You two hang tight. I’ll be right back.”


What should I wear? Louis wore a gray blazer with a navy blue button down, matching gray pants suit, and his black loafers were at the door. Harry didn’t look that bad. Red short sleeve collared shirt with surprisingly most of the shirt buttoned, black skinny jeans; his brown boots were also at the door and his black blazer was laying on my sofa.

I went into my room, walked forward, and opened up the hell hole that is my closet. When was the last time I organized this thing? Clothes hanging on the hangers, some about to fall because it’s on the wrong type of hanger. On the upper shelf, there’s is a mix of winter sweaters, purses, and my winter bed sheets. The lower shelf has an array of messy clothes that I do not know if they are clean or not, which has my lab coat resting on top of the pile. And the bottom of my closet – my old art stuff that I haven’t touched in ages yet it’s neatly organized, all of my shoes on a shoe rack, which are all mixed up, and my bottle of emergency tequila.

I looked at the hanging clothes and push aside my shirts to the left so I can access my dresses. I may wear a lot of promiscuous clothing to work, but I don’t wear dresses or skirts to work.

“Hmm…let’s see.” I had a dark red Calvin Klein maxi dress, but the button from the keyhole-shaped back fell off. There was an ultramarine blue strapless dress that was knee length, but I didn’t want to match Louis. Oh my little black dress maybe this will work – wait. Never mind. Why does it always have to be about Louie? “Need to buy more dresses.” Then I spotted it. An off-the-shoulder black body con dress that was a little above my knees. When did I buy this? Oh right. Alanna had gotten it for my birthday last year.

I slipped out of my lavender night gown and grabbed the dress from the hanger.

“Mind if I watch?” I froze after the very words, realizing that I didn’t even bother to lock the door behind me. What the fuck is up with me and fucking doors? I turned around and found Louis sitting on my bed with his legs crisscrossed. “Nice kitty undies, by the way.”


My face became hot. I quickly turned around, covering myself with the dress. “This isn’t a show! Get the hell out of my room!”


“Relax. This isn’t the first time that I’ve seen you in your underwear.” He did make a good point. But that was then and this is now. He moved his legs to sit normally at the edge of my bed. “Do you know any good places to go for food and drinks?”


“Yeah it's called Portillo’s. There's one on West Ontario Street actually.” I slipped into the dress, turning around and motioned towards my back. “Do you mind?”


“No problem,” He zips me up. “Don’t you think that we should lose Harry and go out just by ourselves?” I fucking kid you not, I wanted to ditch Harry. Hell, if I wasn’t quite infatuated with Louis right now, I’d kick him and Harry out of the sanctuary that currently is my house. Something slightly threatening came out of my mouth instead.


“Take me to Portillo’s or I tell people online that you and Harry are still in Chicago.”


“Are you shitting me?!” His expression quickly changed. “You are not serious.”  


“Try me Tomlinson,” After rummaging around the shoe rack, I slipped on a pair of red heels. “Fucking try me.” It was no game. In all honesty I was serious of my possible intentions.

He left my room, leaving me to finish getting ready. I quickly just applied a little foundation powder, mascara, and a little of my favorite liquid suede cream lipstick from NYX: Soft Spoken. I’m surprised that I don’t need much makeup anymore since I was younger. It was as if my face cleared of acne overnight.

I put on a pair of gold colored sphere earrings. Now. What to do with this hair? I ran a hand through the mess. I had washed it yesterday, but the humidity always finds its way to my hair. “Fuck this.” I used some dry shampoo and then sprayed on a little perfume. I went to my closet and I yanked down a small gold-accented black clutch purse from the upper shelf and stuffed my essentials for the night: my phone, a little cash, my debit card, and…my lip gloss.

You never know silly. What did you think I was going to say?



“Hey, I’m ready guys.” I say as I walked out of my room. Harry and Louis both turned their attention towards me.


“Damn Dalia. You clean up nice.” Harry said as he put on his boots.

Louis whistled at me, agreeing with Harry. It made me blush. Better than any cat calls I get when I walk down the street.

Now came the important decision: whose car were we going to take? We all looked at one another, waiting for someone to volunteer to drive or have their car used. “Well I’m starving,” Harry said while standing at the front door. “Louie, throw me my blazer. I’m driving.” Louis went to my sofa, picked up Harry’s blazer, walked over and handed it to it.


“Come on mate. We both know you were never good at catching things,” He slips on his loafers. “Dalia, can I park in your garage?”


“Yeah. Let me get the keys so I can move my car.” As soon as we got out of the house, we were off. Harry said he was going to move his Range Rover a little away so we could play a sort of Tetris with our cars. I pulled out, letting Louis park his Nissan Skyline inside the garage. The driveway had plenty of space to park. But Louis thought it could somehow draw attention. Since when is he the paranoid one?

“Where’d Harry go?” I said as I locked my car.


“Beats me. He said that he was going to move a little away.”


Harry had moved his car all the way to the corner of the street. “That arsehole.” Louis muttered. “When I’m done with him, he’ll have more than just a broken nose.”


I grabbed a hold of his arm. “Please don’t. Let’s just go already.”


We walked down the street and made it to the Land Rover. It wasn’t that bad. Well, I have to reapply my foundation, but at least no one got hurt. I sat in the back and Louis sat in the front passenger seat. “Okay boys and girls,” Harry pops in a piece of gum and adjusts his sunglasses. “Where to?”





Ah fuck. Not this shit again.



“Oh. Do you mean Portillo’s? Forgot you pronounce words differently.”


“Yes Harry. Let’s just go already.” Trying to keep my cool in front of him is like trying to give up alcohol. It's a bitch.

“Drive you bastard.” Louis says while looking out the window.

Harry shifts the car into drive. “Damn. Tough crowd.”



We arrive to the place I loved as a kid and continued to love. The food, the decoration to make it seem like the 1950’s – not to mention the unique drive-thru system where actual people go out to take your order. Portillo’s is the best, in my opinion.

We decided on sitting at some bar stools in a corner of the restaurant. I glance at both of them; Harry is the fucking third wheel, let’s be honest. But it wouldn’t be the smartest thing in the world to leave him alone in my house for the entire night. I asked each of my ‘dates’ what they wanted to eat. Harry said he had been to Portillo’s before with Niall way back. I’m surprised that he even likes eating food from here. All I’ve seen good old Harry Styles eat is anything that’s organic and not greasy. Literally still a toothpick to this day ever since One Direction.

But he proved me right. He asked for a garden pecan salad.

Louis on the other hand had never been here before. When we had walked in earlier, he got excited and pointed to the statue of Superman revealing his super suit and coming out of the telephone booth. I could tell that he instantly loved this place. I didn’t have to bother what to get him. “Surprise me.” He said.

I fled from the boys before they could even offer to pay. If I paid for dinner, then they could play for drinks. It was a win-win. In around 15 minutes our food was ready. I had ordered myself a char-broiled chicken sandwich and fries with a vanilla milkshake. For Louis I ordered a bacon burger and fries with a large coke. Harry was displeased of what I got him.

“Where the hell is my salad?” Harry demanded.


“Relax Haz. I got you the salad and something extra,” I hand him his food. “A garden pecan salad with a grilled vegetable sandwich and an iced tea.”


“Quit being a drama queen Harry.” Louis said as he stuffed his face with fries. I had to hold in a laugh because I couldn’t for the life of me take Louis seriously while he was talking with his mouth full.

Dinner turned out okay. Everything ran smoothly while we ate at Portillo’s. No fans, no fighting between my ‘dates’. I could get used to this. We were about to leave, when suddenly I remember why I always love to eat at this 1950’s-themed restaurant. “Wait!” I yelled after them.


“What?” Harry asked as he dumped his trash into the trash bin. “Did we forget something?”


“Absolutely! We didn’t eat chocolate cake.” I walked towards the order line. In no time I finally had three take out boxes carrying the delicious chocolate cake. My mouth watered just thinking about it. Patience wasn’t in the equation. As soon as we got into Harry’s car, I sat in the back, buckled up, and popped open one of the boxes.


My nose was hit with the delicious chocolaty aroma. I picked up a plastic fork from the take out bag. “Dalia, put it away.”


I froze. “Why? I bought the cake, might as well eat it.”


“Not in my car please,” Harry demanded. “Back we were still together as a band, we went to a carnival in California and Niall got powdered sugar and syrup all over the passenger seats.”

“Oh yeah I remember,” Louis recalled. “Took about a damn month to get all those insects and stains out of the Land Rover.”


“Can I at least have just one bite of this cake?”


“No!” Louis and Harry both said in unison.


I rolled my eyes. “Fine,” After closing the box and putting the cake back into the plastic bag, I crossed my arms and began to pout. “You two are no fun.”



Terribly sorry that I haven't posted in so much but here you go!



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