[Book 1 of Complicated Trilogy]
“It may not be perfection, but it's complicated.”

Warning: Yellow—Contains mature content. Cursing is not censored.
© Copyright 2014-2018. All rights reserved. I do not own the picture I photo shopped as the cover.


9. Shocking, Isn't It?

Shocking, Isn't It?


I couldn't sleep a wink last night. A pounding headache overcame me as I woke up. I noticed that Dalia was missing when I turned myself to face the right side of the room. The warm bed suddenly became cold. “Dalia?” I called out. 


She came out of the bathroom, recently out of the shower, wearing high-waisted jean shorts, black ballerina shoes, and a white crop top with the words ‘la nouvelle belle’ written across in cursive.

“You speak French?” I asked, pointing to her shirt. “I thought your second language was Spanish.” She looked down at her shirt.

“I don't speak French, but I know it says 'the new beauty'. Are going to get up?” She sat next to me and stroked my hair, that I recently had dyed jet black.

“To be honest, I didn't sleep well at all last night.”

“Aww, poor baby.” She leaned in and pecked me on the lips. “Better?”

“No.” I covered myself with the comforter.

“What do you mean no? Louie, are you okay?”

“I'm tired. Can you let me rest?” I was still under the covers, but I felt her get up from the bed.

“Alright. But promise me that you'll eat and if you want, we can talk about why you couldn't sleep, okay?”

“Okay.” I crawled out of the covers and kissed her. “Bye.”


After she left, I went back to bed. Somehow, I was relieved that she left me alone. At the same time, I also felt a tad guilty for leaving her alone with Harry. I hope that they don't kill each other...



I was leaving my room to let Louis rest. I was disappointed we couldn't spend this special day together. I wonder if he remembers. Does he?

I knocked on the door that connected the room to Harry's. “Come in!” He yelled. I went inside. HOLY MOTHER FU- 

“Whoa, is it tornado season already?” Sarcasm took over my mouth.

Harry rolled his eyes. “Very funny,” He had thrown all of his belongings from his suitcase all over the room. He was on his hands and knees, wearing only pajama bottoms, and was looking through his suitcase frantically. “Can you help me look for my cross? I know I packed it in here somewhere.” I was looking around the room at all the scattered wardrobe while he went back to search for the cross. Glancing at the table in the corner, I saw a partial shimmer from under a white v-neck. I picked up the cross. It was long, silver, and a small Star of David clasped next to the crucified Jesus.

“Is this it?” I asked.

“Yeah, thanks love.” He put it on.

“Ready to go? Or are you going out in your teddy bear pajama bottoms?”

He looked down, forgetting he was still in his sleepwear. “I'll change.” 

Without warning, he dropped his pajama bottoms to the floor, revealing his blue boxer briefs. I turned around and covered my eyes immediately after, turning red in the process. “What? Does my underwear bother you? I thought Louie changes in front of you.”

I kept my right hand over my eyes. “Well yeah, least he warns me first.” Harry moved around the room as I stood there without opening my eyes. It felt like an eternity while waiting for him to get ready.

“Done. You can uncover your eyes now Dalia. As if I was completely nude...” Slowly I uncovered my eyes, opened them, and turned around. Harry wore black skinny jeans, beige colored boots, and the white v-neck that was on top of his cross. His hair was all over the place.

“So, you're going out as 2013 Harry Styles?”

“Au contraire, Dall. I can't erase any of my newer tattoos or the newer lines on my face, correct?” He grinned.

“Are you going to continue getting smart with me Styles? Or are you ready to go?”

“Hmm...Depends,” he pointed to the door that led into my/Louis' room. “Is Louis coming?”

I sighed. 

“I'm guessing that's a no then?” He added.

“Wow Harry, you finally learned how to use common sense,” I could see he was starting to get a bit pissed off at me. “But yeah, he said go on without him.”

Harry smirked, showing he was amused by my response. “Alright, let's go.”


We got into my Nissan GT-R and soon as we got in, Harry started to complain about how hot it was. “Damn, it's hot! Don't you have an air conditioner?” I turned on the ignition and rolled down the windows. “Does that answer your question?” Harry rolled up his window and turned off my car's ignition. “What the hell Harry?!”

He got out of my car and motioned me out. “C'mon love. We're going in my car.” Before I could answer, I just went with it. I can save gas and he might have air conditioning. I rolled up my window, got out, and locked my car before walking a couple of parking spaces away towards Harry's car. As soon as I saw it, my eyes were bugging out of my head. His car was impressive; no wonder he acted like a whiny baby in my car.

I let out a whistle. “Damn Harry, that's a sweet ride you got there.” It was a white 2014 Land Rover Range Rover Sport Supercharged.

“Yup. Better than your hunk of junk.”

“I see former stardom has left you bitter and old.” I quipped.


To my surprise, that joke did shut him up. We pulled out of the parking lot and La Quinta Inn. seemed smaller in size as we drove away. “Since you're the Chicago expert, where should we go for lunch?” Is it just me, or did I just enter the Twilight Zone?

“You seem awfully nice for once, considering that you're letting me pick where to go.” I raised my eyebrows in suspicion.

“Look Dalia, we just met like three days ago, okay? So if you want me to be nice, tell me where we're going because I'm just going in circles right now.”

I crossed my arms. “Chinatown.”

As Harry changed lanes, I sent a text to Louis to see what he was up to.

Me: hey, whatcha up to babe?

Louis: just laying here. I just woke up and I'm eating lunch. what did Harry do now?

Me: nothing too bad

he just complained about my a/c being out 

so we're in his car

Louis: damn

 I'm sorry I'm not with you right now love

Me: It's okay

Hey I got to go

we're going to Chinatown

bye xoxo

Louis: bye love.xx

“Hey, if you're done texting your husband, can you hurry up and pick the fucking place we're going to eat?” Harry was pissed off at me because I was completely oblivious that we had arrived in Chinatown and he had parked the Land Rover.

“First off, he is not my husband. Second, how do you feel about sushi?”


We went to my favorite place to get sushi: Southcoast Sushi. It is rare that I get to come in here because Alanna hates sushi. I don't mean she hates sushi, I mean she hates sushi. She doesn't like the idea of eating raw fish, so I come here by myself on occasions. Or with Alanna, after she's eaten something else before hand. Either way, more sushi for me.

I literally barge in there, acting like I own the place. Luckily, I don't feel as ridiculous when I yell because the lunch rush hasn't made it yet and the restaurant is empty. “Hey Roman! Table for two!” Roman Hino, the owner, is like a brother to me. He owns the best place for sushi in Chicago and he gives me discounts. Don't know what I'd do without him...

Harry and I sat down in the back, just in case people started to come in and notice there was a former boy band member stuffing California rolls in his mouth. “Pretty cool place.” Harry said, glancing around the restaurant. 

Roman asked us what we wanted to drink and got our orders in. “I'm going to the loo.” Harry got up and went to the bathroom.


When Harry was in the bathroom, Roman came back to my table. “So,” He pointed to the bathroom. “Is he your boyfriend?”

I almost choked on my water. “What?! No! Roman, I'm dating his best friend.”

“You sure? This so called friend isn't here.”

“It was going to be the three of us, but he was feeling under the weather.”

Roman shrugged his shoulders. “Hey, whatever you say. As long as I can get an autograph from Harry Styles.” He winked at me as he walked away and went back into the kitchen.

Me and Harry? Oh God. The idea made me fluster with embarrassment. I knew I should have dragged Louis out of bed.

“I'm back.” Harry sat down across from me. “What's up with you? Why are you so red?”

Damn it! I'm still blushing...

“None of your business, Styles.”

“Damn, sorry for asking. Drama queen.”


Lunch was awkward as hell but at least we were done. Roman managed to get an autograph from Harry, and I was ready to do something else to get rid of the thought of me and Harry together. We were walking back to the parking lot, each of us minding our own business. As we got into the Land Rover, he asked me what I wanted to do.

Again, it was strange that he wanted me to pick. “Well,” I checked my phone. “It's 4:30 now. Do you want to go see a baseball game?”

 Harry had already started the car and pointed to his GPS. “Alright then. Type in the address for Wrigley Field.”

Within minutes, we arrived at Wrigley Field. As we got out of the car, Harry put on his sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat. “What the fuck are you wearing?” I blurted out.

“It's called a disguise love. Ever heard of it?”

“You do realize you'll stick out like a sore thumb, right?” I pointed to the hat. “You've been wearing that kind of hat since 2014. People might figure out that it's you.”

At that point, Harry's expression went from cheery to utter despair. “Shit. What do I do?”

“Leave it to me.” I took his hat, opened a car door, and threw it into one of the Land Rover's seats. Taking out a black elastic from my purse, I gesture Harry to turn around. Then I pulled his long hair back.

“What in bloody hell are you doing? That hurts!”

“Quit whining like a baby and hold still!” I managed to get his auburn hair into a neat ponytail. “Hurry up or we won't get good seats!” I began to sprint to the stadium; thankfully Harry was behind me. As we were about to reach the ticket booth, I pulled Harry aside.

“What now?” He asked, annoyed by my intentions. I don't know if Harry was smart enough to realize that with his raspy British accent, he could still be recognized.

“Hey, how good are you with an American accent?” He just stood there wide eyed, not saying much of anything. “I'm assuming it's bad. Just leave the talking to me, okay?” Harry gave me a slight nod, and was silent as soon as we got to the ticket booth.

“Welcome to Wrigley Field. How many will it be today?” Asked the guy selling tickets.

“Two please.” I said.

“I hope you two are White Sox fans,” he said, slightly amused. “Because that's all the seats that are available.”

“Perfect. Thanks.”

We walked into the stadium, and to my surprise, it was completely empty. Completely empty on the White Sox side. Even the White Sox's opposing team, the Detroit Tigers, had no fans in the stands. Harry took off his sunglasses. “Damn, I thought baseball was America's pastime.”

“They switched it to football after they declared baseball was a dead sport,” Replied the ticket salesman. “Mind if I join you two? The name's David by the way.”

And David was right. To my disappointment, baseball was dead since 2017. Holograms of long dead baseball players were televised, making it seem that it was still a sport loved by the country. If there was empty seats...

Yep. You guessed it. Holographic fans.

“Do you want to go?” Harry whispers in my ear.

“Yeah. This is strange.” I whisper back.

We left the stadium and got back into the car. “Do you want to go to the pier?” Harry said as he put on his seat belt.

“I think it's about to rain. What about Sears Tower?”

Harry furrowed his brow. “What is that?”

I sighed. “Willis Tower."

“Oh! Why didn't you just say so?”

“I fucking dislike you right now.” I say, crossing my arms.

“What do you know? The feeling is mutual.”

I can't believe that he didn't even know the original name of Willis Tower. I know for a fact that it's not his first time in the God damn area. I took out my phone and texted Louis.

Me: Louis, I'm sorry but your friend is a dumb ass

he doesn't know the original name of Willis Tower

Louis: isn't it Sears Tower?

Me: exactly!


We arrived to our destination. As we walked in, it started to drizzle. I decided that I should warn Harry about attracting attention. Heaven forbid we have the same situation that was similar to the one last Friday at McDonald's. I without a doubt, did not want to be spoken of in the tabloids as possibly Harry Styles's new girlfriend. Fuck that. I nudged Harry with my elbow. “Don't attract to much attention to yourself, got it Hazza?”

He cleared his throat. “Got it babe. Won't do anything stupid.”

OH MY FUCKING GOD, DID HE JUST?! “Did you just-”

“Clam down babe. You're acting like I'm a stranger to you.” He intertwined his hand with mine, making me blush in the process. He walked me to the elevator and as soon as it closed, he slowly let go of my hand. “So,” He turned to me. “How did I do? It was a good American accent, huh love?” He gave me a cheeky smile.

I stared at the floor, still a bit flushed from before. “You're lucky no one was around,” Then I whispered. “To witness a murder.”

“Pardon?” Harry furrowed his brow, confused at what I might have said.

“Oh nothing.” I smiled at him. The elevator soon stopped arriving at the 150th floor. The doors opened and I took Harry's hand. “C'mon babe! I'll show you around.” We walked out, hand in hand, and I let out of a sigh of relief. Sears Tower is usually full of people this time of year, but it felt like I was in an abandoned factory. There were people around, most of them were tourists who were taking pictures of the beautiful view of the city of Chicago. 

“What gives? I thought the Wil- I mean Sears Tower was usually packed.” I think he thought I was about to yell at him because he began gazing around the almost vacant building, avoiding eye contact. 

“Hold on, I got this.” I let go of his hand and got my phone out of my pocket. After three rings, she had finally picked up. 

“Hello?” Keke said groggily. Damn, how long does she sleep on her day off?

“The abandonment of usually full Sears Tower. Spill.”

“About a week ago, someone saw the ghost of the man who died during the construction of Sears Tower. The man who saw the alleged ghost had a heart attack and died in the building.”

I gulped. “Hmm...N-no wonder there's no locals here. Just tourists.”

“Don't worry about it Dall. As long as you're not on the 150th floor.”


The call ended, and I had it on speaker so Harry could listen to Keke's explanation. He was silent for a while, shocked like when I told him that his wide-brimmed hat would give him away. “Do you want to go?” He pointed to the elevator. 

“Yeah, let's-”


Lightning struck and the lights went out in the Tower. A skyscraper that has a lightning rod. Well that's the first. Damn the irony. “Wow. Look at that Dall,” We walked over to one of the huge glass windows. "Only the tower lost power."

“Uh huh.” And he was right. Only the tower lost power while the other buildings were perfectly fine. Everyone around us were starting to panic a bit. 

“Are you okay? You don't look good, love.”

“I-I'm fine! R-really!” Good job Dalia. Way to be convincing.

Harry took my hand. “It's okay. I'm there for you babe.” He looked at me and gave me a slight smile for reassurance. I've never noticed how beautiful his light green eyes were. They really pop in the dim light...wait, what the hell am I thinking?!

“Did you just use a quote from Full House?”

“Yeah. Is there a problem?”

I stared at the carpeted floor. “No, I just didn't know you were into American TV shows.”

“Well,” He motioned for me to sit down on the floor. “There's a lot you don't know about me.”


The power was still out and the storm raged on. The whole time I was talking to Harry and I have to say, he's a bit different from what I used to see in the One Direction interviews back in the day. “So what you're saying is that you don't skinny dip or sleep naked?” I asked.

“Not exactly,” He scratched his head. “I used to skinny dip, but if you're apart of a famous boy band who breaks up, the paparazzi is always behind your back. They're always trying to get something interesting for the tabloids.”

“So you do sleep in the nude...”


“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hell no. Just in my underwear.”


“Whatever floats your boat, Styles.”


"Eh," He shrugs his shoulders. "What ever you say doll face." I furiously respond by punching him in the arm. "OUCH! What was that for?!"


"Say that again, I dare you." I've always hated it when people call me doll face. It bugs me so much because it kind of makes me feel that I'm only good enough because of my looks.


"Doll fa-"


Thunder crashes down as I was sitting on the tower's floor, petrified with fear. I didn't dare look at Harry- I didn't want to look like a fucking cry baby. He would probably make fun of me. Don't cry Dall. Don't cry.


Without warning, tears began to roll down my cheeks. Good job at not crying Dall...

As I was lost in my own thoughts, I wasn't aware that Harry had pulled me into his embrace. I have to admit, it was calming me down. However, I still questioned it. “Harry?”


“What the hell are you doing?” I looked up to make eye contact.

“I'm being there for you babe.” He winked at me. Damn he is really cheesy. He turned his head to peer out the window. “You're scared of lightning, aren't you love?”

“No.” I pushed him away as I rose from the floor. Don't get me wrong, he is charming and a very supportive guy. I just was in no mood to be comforted by him. I would rather have Louis comfort me. He is the only one who should be. I began to walk away. To walk away from my fear, and from Harry. He doesn't have to worry about me. However, there was something holding me back. The grip of his hand around my wrist. 

“Dr. Dalia Fernandez, what do you have against me? What did I ever do to you?” Harry wasn't playing this time, his expression was serious. 

“Nothing, it's just...” I started crying again. This time, I allowed him to pull me into a hug. “Okay! I am scared of lightning, okay? I thought that if I told you, you would make fun of me." I sniffled.

"I'm always there for you love. I would never make fun of your fears. Never."


"Never," I pulled back a bit, placing my hands onto his chest. "There is something I've been trying to tell you all day though."

"What is it?" Harry pulls me in tighter by the waist, his emerald eyes never leaving my almond colored ones. Our lips were only a few inches apart. Damn. He's going to kiss me, isn't he? "You're going to kiss me, aren't you?"

"Is that not okay with you Dalia?" 

"No, it's not."

"Oh." He began to frown.


"Because I'm going to kiss you."














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