[Book 1 of Complicated Trilogy]
“It may not be perfection, but it's complicated.”

Warning: Yellow—Contains mature content. Cursing is not censored.
© Copyright 2014-2018. All rights reserved. I do not own the picture I photo shopped as the cover.


8. Midnight Memories

Midnight Memories


The music was pounding loud on the dance floor. I've been dancing with Dalia, and I've started to get to know her. “So,” she yelled, “you're the Louis Tomlinson that Zayn never talked about. You know, he doesn't talk about his past at work.”

“Really? Nothing about me at all?” I whined.

Dalia put her hand on her hip. ”What? Did you think he was in love with you ever since One Direction broke up?” She said in a sassy tone. I burst out in laughter.

“Eh, I was hoping.” We left the dance floor and went to the loft's bar, to drink some shots of tequila.


“Hey, are you sure you can drink alcohol?” I asked as we sat down. She squinted her eyes at me.

“Why? Are you a cop now Tomlinson?”

“No but-”

“Hey Mikey, hook us up with two shots of tequila please!”

“Two shots of Don Julio coming up.” Mikey smiled and gave the shot glasses to Dalia.

“You know the bartender?”

“Not really, but it's rude to not know his name.” She raised her shot glass. “Like they say in the country my family's from, Salud!”

I clicked my shot glass with her and she gulped the Don Julio down. I was thinking about my current options. Should I drink with her, or stay sober and calm her down before she does something risqué? I thought about for a while, but something changed my mind.

It was her saying that one sentence. “Louis, I'm not going to lie. I've always,” she grabbed my arm, “always, had a thing for guys with a sense of humor.” And there it is. I drank the shot of tequila and asked Mikey for the bottle of Don Julio. This night just got better.


1 hour later...


We went back to her place. She lives in the Chicago suburbs with her cousin. We went inside the house and I was shocked at how small the house was from the inside. “Nice place you have here, love.” I said as I gazed around the tiny home.

“Thanks, me and Alanna try our best.” The walls were a snow white and the shaggy carpet was a taupe color. A wide 48" Sanyo plasma TV sat on a black TV stand, a black sectional sofa, and a transparent coffee table with a unique vase as the centerpiece across from the sofa is what made up the living room. The room was scarcely filled with photos and the only one that stood out was one of Dalia and Alanna. The only things that hung on the wall was a silver-framed mirror above the sofa and a framed drawing above where the TV set was. The drawing was a portrait of One Direction, that somewhat resembles the lads and I now. “What's up with the drawing of me and the lads?”

She paused and look at the drawing in question. “Oh that,” she said, “Alanna drew that about four years ago. Yeah, we were Directioners...”

“Four years ago? Damn. She's like some kind of psychic.”

Dalia snickered. “She was always good at drawing. She thought we needed something in here that gave 'inspiration' to her.” A smile crept onto my face. “Hey, don't let it go to your head Tomlinson.” Dalia moved to the kitchen and opened a cabinet.


In the kitchen, the counter and cabinets were white and the stove, microwave, and fridge were a chrome finish. The back door in the kitchen had a small black curtain and the floor was white tiles. Pulling out wine glasses and the bottle, she asked: “Want some wine?”

“Duh. Why would I say no? You already pulled out the wine bottle and glasses. Might as well...”

She laughed. “Sorry, that was a shitty question. While I pour this, can you take Alanna to her room? I want to make sure she doesn't snore while we watch that movie we rented.”

“Sure, where's her room?” Dalia pointed to a hallway right next to her room.

“It's the door all the way down at the end of the hallway.” I go back to the sofa. She still wore her dress only she was barefoot, unconscious, and it seems she's been crying because her makeup has run and her eyes are puffy. I walked all the way down to her room, with her in my arms.


Opening the door, Dalia was calling me. “Louis, hurry up. I'm going to start that movie!"

“Hold on a minute!” I laid Alanna on her bed. I turned around and proceeded to the door.


“Don't go...” I freeze at the threshold of the room and turn my head. There was Alanna, rubbing her eyes after being awoken from her slumber.


“Sorry I woke you up.” I said. She sat up and made a motion for me to come sit next to her, which I did.

“It's okay. So, did Dalia tell you to tuck me in since it was past my bedtime?” I chuckled.

“No, not exactly. She just told me to take you to your room, that's all.”

“Typical. Why doesn't she just let me make my own decisions? Or leave me the fuck alone when I don't need anyone?”

“I'm pretty sure she just cares about you, love.”

She got up and proceeded to open a drawer and she pulled out an electric cigarette. “Want to smoke?” She asked as she "lit" it.

“I'm good.” The room grew silent as she simply sat back down on the bed, smoking her cigarette. “I'm sorry about Harry's behavior.”

She raised an eyebrow at me. “Why the hell are you apologizing Louis? It's not like you're Harry's mother.”

“I know, but he embarrassed me when he was drunk more than he embarrassed himself.”

She giggled. “I'm assuming he did embarrass you.” She blew out smoke. “I think you should go. You don't want to make Dalia wait, do you? She always starts movies alone if I don't hurry up.”

I got up from the bed, but I was hesitant. “Won't you get lonely?” I questioned.

“Not really. I mean, it will just be me, my electric cig, and the noises you and Dalia will make down the hallway later.”

I blushed bright red. “Uh...” Alanna just bursts out laughing. “Hah! The look on your face! Jeez Louie, are you always this gullible?”

“I see witty comebacks run in the family. Now tell me, why were you passed out on the sofa?”

She rolled her eyes. “I was sitting on the sofa and passed out from crying, okay? Anything else?”

I was startled at how much Harry had actually hurt Alanna's feelings. “I guess that's it.”

I stood up from the bed, but she grabbed my wrist as I tried to leave. She rose from the bed and kissed my cheek. “Thanks Louie.”

She gave me a sad smile. I felt bad for leaving her alone, because I feel like it's my fault for not watching Harry. Then again, she is cute. The guilt was eating me up inside, and that's when the alcohol kicked in. I pulled in Alanna for a kiss.

I thought it wasn't going to last, but she eventually kissed back. “OH MY GOD. LOUIS!?!” We stopped as soon as we heard Dalia scream in horror. “How, how could you??” Tears ran down her face.

I stuttered in response. “I-I can explain!”

“I-I HATE YOU!!!!” She grabbed a hold of the door and slammed it shut.

Alanna muttered softly. “You know, if you didn't drink all of the Don Julio, we wouldn't have hooked up.”

“How did Dalia find out though?!” I commanded.

“Louis, jeez you're slow aren't you? You're fucking dreaming, so get with the fucking program. You didn't get caught by Dall. In fact, she never found out about our little affair.”

“No! I didn't do this!” I argued, “This is bullshit! It was the alcohol, I swear! DAAAALLIIAAAAAA!!”

I woke up from my dream of the flashback when I met Dalia. I put my head in my hands, thinking back to that night. Why the fuck did I do that to Alanna? And most importantly, why did I cheat on Dall? It was still dark in the room, Dalia right next to me, sleeping soundly. If only she knew what I did...

I attempted to go back to sleep, my heart agonizing with pain of my terrible actions.

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