[Book 1 of Complicated Trilogy]
“It may not be perfection, but it's complicated.”

Warning: Yellow—Contains mature content. Cursing is not censored.
© Copyright 2014-2018. All rights reserved. I do not own the picture I photo shopped as the cover.


2. From Windy City to Big Ben

From Windy City to Big Ben


I found Dalia at the end of the corridor, viewing a patient's file.  “Well I'll be damned. What the hell put you in a good mood after going to Dr. Malik's office?” I hesitated with my response.

“Well I-”

“Don't tell me!” She began, “You either hooked up with him, got fired, you quit, or he proposed to you. Right?”

“Wow Dall, you just guessed everything right for once.” I said sarcastically.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now tell me, what the hell happened?”

“Well let's just say, we got a two month vacation...” Dalia dropped the file to the floor.

“NO. WAY.”

“Yes way!”

Her eyes got wide. “Get out of town! How did you get us that long? Wait...did you hook up with him? Dang Alanna, you do know how to get what you want.”

“That wasn't what happened at all! It was more on the lines of blackmail...”

“How so?”

“Well, he asked me to go with him to a doctors convention in London and-” Dalia started to laugh hysterically.

“Really? A doctor's convention in London? I'm surprised you two aren't a couple yet.”

“Okay Dall, stop it. It's a real thing. Besides, you weren't invited.”

“What?! What do you mean I'm not invited?!” I knew she would overreact.

“He had to pick one former prodigy. Plus, I only agreed if he extended our vacation to two months since I wouldn't be spending it with you.”

“Okay I get that, but I reserved a room at La Quinta Inn for three weeks. What am I supposed to do for three weeks?!” I pondered about this question. Trust me, I did. Somewhat. 

“How the hell am I supposed to know? Just do whatever you planned to do.”


Dalia picked up her file and began to walk away. Ah, whatever. We can settle this at home. After my shift was over, I walked out of Northwestern Memorial and to the parking lot. As I was approaching my galaxy wrapped Ferrari 458 Italia, I stopped and stared at the object under the left windshield wiper. 

 What the fuck? I looked in all directions, and there was no one else in the parking lot. I grabbed it and quickly went into my car. Scrutinizing the item once more, it was but a plain and simple envelope with the words: To Alanna, written in blue ink. Better not be from Dalia, I thought. She tends to be a drama queen...I opened up the envelope, and inside was a round ticket to London along with a note:

                    Dr. Fernandez,

                             Here's your ticket. I'll pick you up tomorrow morning from your house. Be prepared, because we are going to London for a month. Sorry, it was the only choice. Unless you wanted less than the three weeks like I was planning to give you. By the way, nice car. 


     Dr. Zayn Malik

After reading the note, I started the car and drove out of the parking lot, shaking my head. I felt smile grow on my face, but I don't know why. I am a bit creeped out that he got the tickets that fast. Also, I'm pissed off he could only get me a month off...


Ugh! The nerve of Alanna! First we were going to stay in a hotel and vacation in downtown Chicago, and now she's going to London with one of the cutest doctors in Northwestern Memorial Hospital. *Sigh* I just hope she doesn't-

The door immediately swung open. “I'm so fancy! You already knoow~” She came in singing Fancy by Iggy Azalea while shaking around an envelope in the air. “I'm in the fast lane, from windy city to Big Ben.” She's bragging again...“I'm so fancy! Can't you taste this scone? Remember my name, 'bout to blooooow~ BAM!” She shoved a plane ticket for London in my face.

“No 'hey I'm gonna miss you' or 'I'll think about you while drinking some tea in London'? I see how it is...” Alanna raised her eyebrows at me.

“Well excuse me, you tend to brag about stuff too, so don't be so hypocritical.”

“Fair enough, so are you really leaving tomorrow morning?”

“Yes, we might as well start packing now so we don't do it at the last minute.”

“Oh, I already got my packing done.” She stared at me, puzzled.

“Okay,” she began calmly, “who are you and what have you done to my cousin Dalia, who's a notorious procrastinator?"

 “Well, she stood up from the sofa and pushed her questioning cousin/roommate to her closet to pick out what she'll use to seduce the very attractive doctor who's taking her to London. Now move your ass and let's go!” This was going to be a very long day...


Next Morning


By 6:30 AM I was ready to go. I had on a blue T-shirt, black sweatpants, a seafoam green headband, and some old black and purple Nikes. When it comes to flights, I go for the comfy outfit. I have to admit: I'm kinda nervous. I mean Dall packed stuff to pack in my luggage that she knew was seductive. I hope it's not too seductive... I mean, sexy doctor and me wearing an outfit that turns him on one day...good thing I packed some stuff she called 'cat lady clothes'. She knows my clothes are cute, but I have a feeling she wants me to get with Zayn. For her own nefarious purposes... I do like Zayn, I mean I tried to lure him in before. The attempts are at a minimum because I don't want to be seen as a fucking slut. I've always doubted that he would-

*Beep beep! Beep!*

I glanced out the window of my suburban home and found a Black BMW 6 Series 640i convertible parked in my driveway. Zayn gets out the car, wearing a white T-shirt, gray sweatpants, black Puma sneakers, a red beanie, and wore Ray-Ban sunglasses. He leaned against the car, spotted me gawking at him, and motioned me to go out. I grabbed my luggage and my backpack and shouted: “Dalia, I'm leaving! See you in a month! Don't do anything stupid while I'm gone!”

She hesitated for at least five seconds. “Bye! See you! I'm fucking sleeping! What the hell you think I'll do?! By the way, I put something in your luggage just in case you do something stupid! Ciao!” Well, that was nice...

I went out the door and locked because I know Dalia wouldn't bother to do it, and walked towards the BMW. Zayn picked up my bags. “Do you need help with your backpack?”

“, it's fine.” He opened the passenger door for me and closed it. Isn't it beautiful to know that chivalry still exists? He gets in and starts the car. The entire drive wasn't as awkward as I thought it would be. It was worse. Now we're sitting on the plane together before it takes off. As he explains why we are going to the convention, my mind drifts off into another dimension. My brain pointed out two possible questions. One, what is Dalia doing this summer without me? Two, what the hell did she pack in my luggage?


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