Daughter of The Snake

Before Medusa was changed by an angered Athena, she became pregnant with Poseidon's child. This daughter was born half goddess half Gorgon, thus making her a half-blood.
Cover by the great Dystopia.


4. Chapter 3

His name scared me. Looking at him, just as much. Human interaction and I don't go together very well. percy pulls me up up by my arm and starts to drag me towards Nico, I mouth the word "Help" to Annabeth and the clip clop kid, who I'm pretty sure is a satyr. They both shake their heads slowly and suddenly Percy stops dragging me along.  

"Yes?" Nico asks in an irritated voice, my sentiments exactly. 

"Nico this is, Livia, Livia this is Nico. You two both seem to have the same mind set. Have fun you crazy people!" Percy says, and dashes off.


Sneak peak, It may be while until I publish the whole thing my computer is broken.... Enjoy!


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