Daughter of The Snake

Before Medusa was changed by an angered Athena, she became pregnant with Poseidon's child. This daughter was born half goddess half Gorgon, thus making her a half-blood.
Cover by the great Dystopia.


2. Chapter 1

The crystal blue water laps at my feet, cooling me down after the long walk home from the market. My home, a cave, is in the distance and I can imagine what mom is doing right now. She is probably sitting at the table drawing pictures of herself when she was still beautiful. He golden hair at her hips, her peachy skin with the perfect blush permanently there, and her perfect hourglass figure. Ugh, I hate it. I hate that she does that. Never is she ever there for me her daughter. It's her own fault that she got Athena angry in the first place, now it's not only her being punished, I am too.

I take a deep breath to calm myself before I start walking towards the cave again. Mom says she chose to live on the beach in case dad ever tried coming back, but I know that's not going to happen any time soon. She's crazy, plain and simple crazy. I look out in the water and put the groceries far away from the tide. I sit in the water, not caring if I get wet. 

"So umm Hi. Dad? Umm I guess I just wanted to ask you something. You kinda owe me one for me kind of getting your half of the curse, so umm. Could you maybe get me out of here? It's not like I hate mom or anything, I just umm feel like I would have potential to stuff somewhere else... So umm could you? Thanks, your daughter Livia." I say hoping my dad heard me. I stand up and grab the groceries and continue my walk to the cave. The sand sticks to my now wet feet and legs, the grains scratching me. 

I get to the doorway of the cave and sigh before entering. As I thought my mom is there drawing herself. I take off my blue hat and my snakes hiss, they come down to a little below my shoulders and are varying shades of blue, oh and did I mention terribly annoying.

"You have sand on your legs go wash it off." My mother says in a strict tone. 

"Ugh, whatever. Hello to you too Mom." I reply sassily. I grab my hat again and hide the snakes, getting myself bitten a couple times. I walk back outside and go to the ocean I get in and see a shimmer in the ocean, it doesn't look like a wave is reflecting water. So I go look at it. 

I wade in the water until it is deep enough to swim in. Then I start swimming, further  and further looking for what glimmered. Then I see it, a hippocampus, I had read about them before. It swims toward me and I just tread water hoping my hat doesn't fall off. If it does the hippocampus may flee because of the snakes. 

When it reaches me I see a note tied around it's neck. I grab it and it says-

Here's the favor.


I reread it and realize he sent the hippocampus to take me away from here. I smile, pet the hippocampus, and get on it's back and let it take me away. I wrap my arms around it's neck and it took off. 

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