Daughter of The Snake

Before Medusa was changed by an angered Athena, she became pregnant with Poseidon's child. This daughter was born half goddess half Gorgon, thus making her a half-blood.
Cover by the great Dystopia.


1. Prologue

Medusa stared in the mirror practicing how she was going to tell Poseidon the news. She patted the bump in her stomach causing her to get a small kick. The child was taking a toll on Medusa's looks. The sooner it was born the better, though she was happy to be having a child she hated the changes it gave her body. Some may call her vain, but she called it trying to keep up her image.

Suddenly there was a crack across the sky and a beautiful woman with brown hair and grey blue eyes appeared in Medusa's cave she called home. The woman was intimidating at to say the least and you could see the intelligence in her stormy eyes. Medusa shivered afraid of this woman.

"To what do I owe the pleasure of a visit from the great goddess Athena?" Medusa asked timidly. She was shaking violently fearing the answer.

"Medusa I seek revenge, for you and Poseidon have disrespected me in my own temple. You shall now suffer the consequences for that." Athena replied in a voice that would send shivers through the spines of the dead. 

"But, but what shall happen to the child? Will it die or live?" Medusa asked with a pained voice fearing that it will not be born. 

Athena laughed and replied "She will have hair of snakes, but will still have your beauty and grace. The powers of water will course through her blood, but she may stilled be pained with the disrespect that was done." 

Then with a snap of Athena's fingers the change begun. Her luscious locks turned to dark green venomous snakes, her beautiful face was turned ugly, and her eyes had changed to have power she couldn't control. 

Then as quick as she had come Athena was gone, leaving Medusa in a heap on the floor in tears because she was feeling such pain. Though Athena had done her one favor, removed all the mirrors in the house for if she saw herself in them she would turn to stone. 

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