The 100: Emily Ashwood

"I haven't down anything!" I scream, "let me go!" They're going to float me. I flail my arm out with force, trying to throw a punch. The guard flinches with fear clouding his eyes, "you're going to earth, all of you," he grabs my arm. My heart feels like its plummeting to my feet. We're going to the ground... My name is Emily Ashwood. Number 75.


8. What's Wrong With Me?

Finally the gas has gone. We all pile out of the dropship. Clarke, Finn, Wells, Monty, Bellamy, Paul and Eilidh are all still out there. And what about Amanda... I hope they got cover. I turn and Jasper is still struggling on the bench. He has to survive. I'll keep him company. I sit on his bench. He looks at me. We just sit there for a while. He is breathing slightly better. He groans loudly in pain.

"Just let him die already!" A girl yells from outside the dropship. I get ready to go kick some ass but Jasper grabs my hand. He opens his mouth to explain.

"I know, I know, I'm not fit enough," I tell him. Save him the bother.

"No, it's not worth it," he tells me. I smile. I lean over him and before I know what I'm doing, I kiss him. What the hell is wrong with me? Jasper likes Octavia. I can tell he's taken aback. But to my surprise he excepts it. I stay in this position. But Clarke bangs into the dropship. She stares at me. She's wondering what the hell I'm doing, I can tell. I stand up and brush past her into the camp. I'm an utter idiot.

Then I see something that makes my heart leap. Eilidh! I sprint over to her. Well.. I run about as fast as a sick person can towards her.

"Did you find her?" I grab Eilidh's shoulders.

"Does it look like I found her?" She snaps. I let go of her, pretty annoyed and very sad. Amanda has to be alive... Just then Paul appears.

"Eilidh! Come quick!" He shouts. She sighs.

"I'm coming! Stay here Emily, we'll be back," she chases after Paul. I sigh. I'm tired of staying here.

A scream pierces my ears. Amanda..

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