The 100: Emily Ashwood

"I haven't down anything!" I scream, "let me go!" They're going to float me. I flail my arm out with force, trying to throw a punch. The guard flinches with fear clouding his eyes, "you're going to earth, all of you," he grabs my arm. My heart feels like its plummeting to my feet. We're going to the ground... My name is Emily Ashwood. Number 75.


16. Unity Day

"Morning," Monty's voice awakens me. He's sitting in Amanda and I's tent. I pull my blanket up as I'm only in a vest top.

"Morning!" I reply. He's bent over some metal thing. Scientific. I sit up and pull my trusty old black jumper on. I pull my hair back into a neat.... Well as neat as I can... Pony tail. There. Fire hair controlled.. Okay.

Then I remember. It's Unity Day! I loved Unity day when I was a kid. I remembered family coming over and friends. And then I was arrested a week after Unity Day last year... Great times. I sit myself beside Monty.

"What have you got there?" I ask, in the happiest tone I've ever had. I guess I'm in a good mood today. Monty is sitting mixing something.

"Unity Juice," he answers with no explanation. He says that as if it's obvious what 'Unity Juice' is. I don't question it though.

I climb out of the camp. Jasper jumps up to me, looking.. suspicious..

"Hey goggles," I smile, stealing Amanda's nickname for Jasper. He swings his arm around my shoulder. I smile. I slowly lean up and kiss him and then dash off into the camp. Amanda appears.

"Mornin' mate!" She bellows in a strong accent. She has always put on that stupid voice to annoy me. I throw her a glare but then I return her smile.

"Morning!" I reply in my unusually chirpy voice. Bellamy saunters over before Amanda has a chance to say anything else.

"Morning ladies," he smirks. I look up at him. What a man whore! Amanda gives him a large glare and then bounces off. What's she mad at him for now? It's actually pretty warm on Earth today.. Maybe I don't need my big jumper? I decide that it's too warm. I head back up to our tent. I clamber into the clammy orange tent. Monty has gone. With his 'juice.' I pull off my jumper and yank on a grey cardigan. There. I climb back out of the orange tent. My eyes skim the camp. Monty and Jasper are standing in the middle handing out...drinks? I hop down and walk towards the group.

"What's that?" I ask Amanda, spotting her in the crowd.

"I think it's alcohol," she sighs, flicking her brown hair over her shoulder. It whacks some boy in the face. I stifle a laugh. He gives me a death glare. I draw my eyes off of him. Amanda didn't notice she'd attacked him with her hair.

"Are you going to have some?" I ask her, resuming the conversation.

Amanda shakes her head, "not sure I trust Monty and goggle boy with my drinks after the Jobi nuts incident," she gives me a quirky smirk. I laugh and watch her wander round the fire towards Octavia.

It's now late morning and everyone is having a good time. Even Clarke! And Monty told me that Unity Juice is a new flavor of moonshine. It's pretty good in camp. The atmosphere is happy.. For once. I'm sitting on a log by the fire with a bunch of people. I'm pretty sure they're all pumped up with the Moonshine.

"Have you seen Octavia?" Finn asks me and leans over my shoulder from behind.

"No.." I answer. Where did she go? Finn walks off. Okay? I wonder if she went to find that grounder again?

Later that day we're all around the fire. Everyone is excited and the camp is buzzing. I turn and Clarke and Finn seem to be putting a damper on everything. They're having a serious conversation. They have to lighten up! It's unity day! Clarke then summons Bellamy. The three of them are now in a conversation. Finn walks off but.. Bellamy and Clarke are now having a serious hushed conversation. Bellamy grabs hold of Jasper and Raven.

Before I can stop myself I storm over, "what's happening?" I demand.

"They're coming to help us," Bellamy answers. His look warns me not to talk too loud. I narrow my eyes. He explains what's going on. They're going to have a meeting with the grounders! What? I notice Raven, Bellamy and Jasper each have a weapon... But I thought it was a no weapon meeting? No trust here I guess...

"Be careful okay?" I shoot a glare at the three of them and storm off. Wow that was dramatic. I sit down by Monty. We have our usual chat about literally nothing... The camp feels empty now.. I don't really know why though.

The sky is getting pretty dark. It's sunset now. Clarke, Octavia, Bellamy, Raven and Jasper drag themselves into the camp. They seem pretty irritated. Jasper looks fuming and so does Octavia. Bellamy as well.. Finn too! Oh god. What happened?

I don't bother asking... I think that would be the best idea. It's been an hour and everyone is still raging.

"Emily," Bellamy puts his hand on my shoulder. I look up, "Monty set up communications with the help of Raven," he tells me, "you can talk to your family," before I can say anything he pulls me into the tent. There is a screen. On the screen is a sight that makes my heart stop. My father.. He's alive. My heart feels like it's going to jump out of my throat..

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