The 100: Emily Ashwood

"I haven't down anything!" I scream, "let me go!" They're going to float me. I flail my arm out with force, trying to throw a punch. The guard flinches with fear clouding his eyes, "you're going to earth, all of you," he grabs my arm. My heart feels like its plummeting to my feet. We're going to the ground... My name is Emily Ashwood. Number 75.


18. Business.

The sun shines through the small opening of the tent. I roll over and finally sit up. It's already pretty loud in camp. I clamber out of the tent. Amanda doesn't seem to be around? I didn't bother to put my jumper on. I wander down through camp. I can't see Monty or Jasper either? I climb into the dropship. I spot Clarke. She's rubbing a cloth on someone's head, their side fringe pushed aside. Wait a second.. That's Amanda! I dash over knocking a boy over. He shouts a complaint as he topples into the ground. Whoops...

"Clarke!" I exclaim, "what happened?" I demand. Clarke looks up at me. She seems startled and pretty pissed..

"She walked into a tree," she answers me, straightforward. Oh. Well done, Amanda. Clarke strides off. Amanda has an unhealthy bruise on her forehead. I sigh and sit down beside her. The boy I crashed into comes over to me. He has dark hair and tanned skin. He raises his eyebrows at me.

"Jaxen," he says, holding his hand out. I shake it.

"Emily," I tell him. He nods. He looks at me.

"Hey you're Amanda's friend?" Jaxen asks.

"More like sister," I correct, "and you are?" I question. Who is this boy? Wait a second! He's the one that started a fight when Amanda complained about Eilidh. So he's Eilidh's bitch?

"A friend," he gives me a cocky smirk. Hm.. I get up.

"Shout me when she wakes?" I call over my shoulder.

"Sure," He yells back at me. I skip out of the dropship. The bitch Eilidh appears.

"Oh hi, did you want to run away again?" I take a jab at her. She throws a glare and ignores me. She walks off. Whatever.

I squeak, as I sprawl onto the ground. Monty helps me up. I drag hair from my dirty face. He looks at me apologetically. I can tell from his face that something is wrong.

"Are you okay?" I ask him putting my hand on his shoulder.

"I'm just looking for a new bed. You can ask Jasper why," he tells me. Jasper? What? Monty storms past me. Wow.

I'm about to go find Jasper when I hear shouting coming from the big metal dropship. I head over there. I lift the cloth curtain and step inside, to find a sight that shocks me more than anything.

Bellamy stands with his lips on Amanda's cheek. I only now realise she has her hand clamped around his neck. He pulls away and pushes past me. Her look is priceless. She looks like she's seen a ghost. Jaxen turns to her and they share a confused look. In fact.. The resemblance between them is uncanny. They share a hug. Wait what the hell is happening here? Eilidh shoves past me, leaving me to slam against the wall. Thanks! I doubt she even saw me. She storms into the dropship. She stops dead when she sees Jaxen and Amanda. They break up the hug and spot her. I slip out of the dropship.. I'm pretty sure this is something that is none of my business. Until Amanda gets hurt. Then it's my business...

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