Stand up against Bullying. Be strong. Dedicated to a certain person- she knows who she is. And she is strong. [This is also included in my "Leaves of Lines" compilation]


1. Be strong.

You push me down,

but I won’t stay

I’ll get back up again.


You throw me ‘round,

but I won’t break,

I’ll turn around and then


I’ll show you I’m strong,

stronger than you know.

I’ll show you you’re wrong.

To push me around so.


You call me names,

you say some things

that make me want to cry.


You shout and yell,

and whisper to me,

that I should go and die.


But you can’t get me down,

I’m high above you now.

You can’t make me frown,

or make me break my vow.


I vowed not to let you,

hurt me like you hurt them;

I am stronger than they.


You can’t get me down,

can’t push me to that ledge.

I am here to stay.


Say what you will.

I am strong.


Say what you want,

You are wrong.


Your words bounce off me.

Harmless, even now.

Your insults don’t slice me

but amuse me somehow.


You don’t know enough to hurt me,

you don’t care enough to try.

I don’t react to your pettiness,

and yet you wonder why.


“What changed? 

Why can’t I hurt her like I did?

All those times she ran away,

ran away and hid.”


I changed, you see.

I’m the one that’s different,

I’m not what I used to be.



The weak ones you hurt with words,

are dead inside me here.

They took your advice, ended it all,

did away with all the fear.


What’s left is a new me,

strong and bold and bright.

Come, try to hurt me now,

you bet I’ll put up a fight.

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