Kidnapped By Irwin

Rose Comet Sea was the schools nerd.
Ashton Fletcher Irwin was the schools bad boy.
What happens when Ashton sets eyes on her, and scares her every day of her life; and finally kidnaps her? What will happen to Rose? Will she still be the same, innocent little girl everyone thought she was? Or will she be different? What happens when she meets Lucas Robert Hemmings? Read to find out.


2. Continued...

Rose blushed, and I gripped her hand tighter. She let out a nervous giggle, and hopped into my car. I hopped into the driver's side and started the car. "Here are the directions to my car!" Rose said, handing me a sheet of paper. I looked at them, then drove down the driveway and towards her house. "Rose?" I asked. She looked over at me. "Yeah?" She whispered. "I don't know how to say this but, I think I'm in love with you!" I stated, looking at the road. I felt her gaze on me, and I stopped at a red light, then turned to her. "I think I'm in love with you, too, Luke!" She whispered softly. I smiled, and she looked up. The light had turned green. "My house is at the corner." She whispered, and I saw out of the corner of my eye a tear slide down her cheek. Wasn't she glad to go home? "Rose, you ok?" I asked her. Oh yeah! Her dad... "Oh my God!" She said just above a whisper. I looked at what she was staring at, and saw a cat on the side of the road. "Stop the car please!" Rose shouted. I stopped, and she jumped out of the car. She stopped at the cat, and picked it up. She walked back and got in the car. "What is that?" I asked, leaning away from her. "It's my cat, Cornfield!" She stated happily. The cat let out a happy meow, and licked Rose's cheek. I smiled. "I like cats!" I stated, rubbing the cat's head. "But why did you name it Cornfield?" I giggled. She let out a high pitched laugh, then slapped her hand over her mouth. "She came to us as a kitten, and her name was Ernest. I was five, so I changed it to Cornfield!" She giggled. I started the car again and drove towards her house again. She shivered. "Umm, Rose? You wanna go to my place instead?" I asked her. She nodded, and I sighed in relief. The cat seemed to sigh too, and Rose stared at it. We laughed again, and I reached my house. I jumped out, and Rose climbed out, her cat on her head? and was giggling uncontrollably. "Why is there a cat on your head?" I laughed. "She climbed up there!" Rose laughed harder. I shook my head. "You and that cat are very crazy!" I giggled. She pretended to be hurt and sashayed over to my door. "Open the door please!" She joked in her best British accent. I laughed. "Of corse, me lady!" She burst out laughing when haw heard my accent, and I looked down, pretending to be hurt. I opened the door and showed Rose my house. I sat on my couch and Rose sat beside me. I looked over at her. "Well well well! I guess I hit the jackpot!" I heard Ashton rasp. Me and Rose turned around and stared at him questionably. "Dude! What's up!" I waved. Ashton glared at me. "You squad you were taking her home, not here!" He rasped, and hit both Rose and I in the head and we blacked out.

~Rose's POV~

I woke up and shivered. I opened my eyes,and looked around the strange room I woke up in. I heard a groan and looked over beside me. "Luke!" I whispered and shuffled over to him. I poked his cheek, and he opened one eye. "Rose!" He whispered. He pulled me into his lap, and hugged me. "Luke? Where are we?" I whispered. He sighed. "Ashton's basement." He whispered back.

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