It Was A Accident...(Luke Hemmings)

Sage Iggy Dot is the most popular girl in school; and the most prettiest. She's not snobby, not snobby at all. But her 'friends' force her to go to the local bar with fake ID's, and she gets hooked up with the one and only, Luke Hemmings! Two weeks later, she funds out she's pregnant. What will happen when she runs into him again? What will she tell him? What will he do? Read to find out.


1. Te Whole Tory... lol

"Oh, come ON Sage! It'll be SOOO much fun!" "I dunno Carlie..." "Come on Sage! Are you chicken?" "I'm not chicken! If anyone, your a chicken! You have like 15 of them in your backyard!" "Well, are you in or out?!" "I guess..." "Great! I'll come over with the best club dress in the world!" "Whatever!" Sorry. I'm Sage Iggy Dot. That person is Carlie Simons, my 'bestest friend' in the world. I'm like the most popular and most prettiest girl in Point Block High. But I'm not a snobby, stuck up kid, unlike Carlie, who just kinda forced me to go to the local bar with her. With fake IDs! This girl was crazy in the head, and I really don't like her, but everyone thinks we're best friends. Yeah right! "Sage! I got your dress!" Carlie told me, in a sing song voice. "What. The. Heck. Is. That?" "A bar dress!" It was the shortest dress in the world! It went way above my knees, and was almost like a shirt! "Carlie. I. Am. So. Not. Wearing. That. Thing!" "Yes you are! Now, I will make you put it on, and then we shall go!" Oh boy. Talk about pushy! "Carlie, I look like I'm going to be a cake. Please let me take all this fake stuff off of my face!" "No! You look fantastic! Now, hurry into the car so we won't be late!" Why do I feel like something bad was going to happen tonight? "We're here!" Oh boy. Here we go. "IDs please?" Carlie showed them. "Right through this door". I followed Carlie into the bar. "Drink time!" "I am so not going to drink!" "Yes you are! Now come!" I hate her. "Try this!" I took the cup from her. "What is this? It smells like a cats behind!" She laughed evilly. "Just drink it!" I obeyed, and instantly regretted it. I spit it out. I was officially wasted! "I'm gonna go dance!" I slurred to Carlie. She laughed. This random guy came and started grinding with me. "What's your name, love?" "Sage" "Let's get outa here, shall we?" "Once I know your name!" "Luke. Now let's go!" I followed him to his car, and we drove to his place, I guess, and he pulled me outa the car, and forced me onto his couch, and he undressed us both. "Ready?" He smirked. I looked at him. He was pretty handsome! He surprised me by leaning down and kissing me gently on the mouth. After that, I don't remember what happened. I fell asleep! BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP! "Fuck" someone muttered. My head pounding, I asked,"who is that?" "It's Luke. The guy you slept with last night." Last nights memories came flooding back to me. "Need any pain pills?" He smirked. I nodded hard, causing more pain to my head. He got me some and water. I quickly gulped it down. "So. Sage. What's happening in your life right now?" "Umm. Why should I tell you?" "I dunno. I just wanna learn more about you before I let you go!" "Ok. Well, my full name is Sage Iggy Dot, my 'best friend' is Carlie Simons, I am the popular girl in my school, umm. I dunno. I have 15 cats, DO NOT ASK, umm, aren't you Luke Hemmings from Five Seconds Of Summer?" "Yes. Now please keep going about your life". I widened my eyes. OMG. "Umm, my parents are dead. They killed each other. Umm. I live alone, and I have straight As at school, and that's all!" He looked sad. "I'm sorry your parents died!" "I don't really care though. They were very abusive!" He looked shocked. "Sorry 'bout that! Wanna have some fun before ya go?" I nodded. Why not?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Welcome back! Who did you sleep with last night?" Carlie asked greedily. "Luke Hemmings." "WHAT!" "Yeah. I have his number too-" "GIVE IT TO ME NOW!" I shook my head. "Get outa my house, Carlie." "NO. NEVER. NOT UNTILL YOU GIVE ME LUKE HEMMINGS NUMBER!" "Well then, you are going to be here forever, and don't even try my phone, I changed my password." "Aww Sage, your no fun!" I sighed. Whatever. I walked up to my room, my phone in my hand, texting Luke, who was texting frequently.

From Lucas:

What up, babe?

To Lucas:

Nothin. Telling my friend to not steal ur number lol

From Lucas:


To Lucas:

Couldn't help it. She'd go crazy lol

From Lucas:

Gtg boys r going crazy outside my door😳

To Lucas:

Ok lol good luck!

From Lucas:

Thx. Bye.

I love him. I can't help it. Carlie burst into my room. "OMG! YOU WERE JUST TEXTING HIM!" She screamed in my face. Lol. "Carlie. Get. The. Hell. Outa. My. House!" "Ugg. Fine. Whatever!" Praise The Lord!

From Lucas:

Wanna come over? My address is 1890 Point Aver Drive

To Lucas:

Sure. B over n 10!

From Lucas:

K. Love ya!

To Lucas:

Love ya too!

Lol. I went over to my closet and took out my favorite ripped jeans and my favorite cat shirt. One of my cats, Fudge, me meowed at me. "Well thank you, Fudge! Your very purry too!" I love him! Meow! Oh boy. The other 14 came running in and jumped on me. Aww! "Ok guys, I gotta go!" I laughed. They jumped off me, and I ran outside and jumped on my bike, and quickly rode over to Luke's house. I knocked on the door, and I heard Luke yell,"Ashton! Go get the door!" Lol. Ashton opened the door. "Is someone expecting you?" He asked in a weird voice. "Yeah, Luke is!" "Let Sage in, Ashton!" He laughed, and motioned for me to come in. I walked in, and Luke attacked me in a bear hug, and pulled me into his room. "We are going to play a game!" He laughed. I started laughing too, and Ashton poked his head in. "Don't forget to wear protection, kids!" He yelled, and started laughing his butt off. Luke rolled his eyes, and started laughing. "Ashton! Shut up!" Ashton laughed harder, causing me to laugh. "Ok. Anyway. We are going to play Minecraft. Ever heard of it?" I gasped. "YOU PLAY MINECRAFT!" I screamed at him. Ashton poked his head in. "Yeah. Me and him play it like twelve hours a day!" I gasped again, ran over to Ashton, kissed his cheek, then ran over to Luke again, and kissed his cheek. "Y'all are now my best friends!" I screamed. They started laughing their asses off. "What are y'all laughing about?!" They stared at me, then laughed harder. "Whatever!" I muttered, then went on my phone. Ashton snatched my phone outa my hand. "Ashton! Give me my freaking phone back!" "Not happing babe!" He sang. I groaned, then went over to Ashton, and snatched my phone back. "Oh come on, Sage! I was putting my number in!" I giggled at him, and looked at my phone. "Looks like you finished the number, and put yourself in as 'Ashton The Sexy Man'?" He burst out laughing, and so did Luke. I stared at them, then walked over to Luke's computer. "Hey! Off the computer!" I laughed, then put in a password 'SageIsHot'. It worked! "Lukey, why is your password 'SageIsHot'?" He blushed, and Ashton started laughing again. Sure enough, Michael and Calum poked their heads in. Calum started checking my out, while Michael just stared at me. "What are y'all staring at?" They started laughing, and I groaned at them. I turned back to Luke's computer, and clicked on Minecraft. Opening it, I logged into my account, and made a new world. Luke walked over, and I decided to create a castle. Two hours later, I had finished, with Luke watching my every move. Ashton, Calum, and Michael had fallen asleep, and Luke gaped at my castle. "I can't believe you just created that!" I laughed. "I'm serious! My best thing I've ever made was a pick axe hanging in the sky!" I laughed at his seriousness. He gave me a look, and Carlie decided to text me.

Carlie-C Sage-S

C- Where the fuck r u? R u with Luke?

S- Ya, I'm w/ Luke. Y?

C- R u preggos?

S- Hell no! Corse not!

C- Ya right!

Luke peered over my shoulder. "Are you?" He whispered. I shook my head, and at that moment, I felt something squirm in my stomach. "I better get home. My cats should be wondering where I am." He nodded, and led me out the door. "I'll text you!" He beamed. I laughed, and nodded. "See ya!" Riding my bike home, I was wondering what I had felt in my stomach. I'll get a pregnancy test! I stopped at a place, and bought five of them. Might as well! Finally getting home, I put my bike up and locked myself in my bathroom. I used all of them, and bust out crying at the results. All five were positive! Crying into my knees, I failed to notice Luke bursting into my house. "Sage! Sage! Where are you? You left your phone!" "Put it on the couch! I'll get it later!" He knocked on the door. "Sage? Are you alright?" "If I tell you, promise you won't leave me!" "Got it!" I opened the door. "I'm pregnant." I whispered. He looked surprised. "But you told me you weren't!" "I didn't know! I bought five tests, and they were all positive!" I burst out sobbing again. Luke started at me, then started walking out the door. "I want nothing to do with the kid." He state, and walked out of my house. I fell to the floor in a heaping pile of tears.

~5 Years Later~

I walked outside, relishing the warm summer air. "Mom?" Malachi asked. I looked down at him. "Yes, my son?" I answered. "I'm tired!" He giggled. I smiled. "Then go to bed, crazy boy!" I laughed with him. He nodded, then went up to his room, and soon the whole house was filled with his adorable little snores. I sighed. In the last five yours, I have had me and Luke's son, Malachi Timothy Dot. He has grown into a strong four year old boy, and is a spitting image of Luke. I sighed again, and my eyes watered. I miss Luke so much! I yawned, and walked upstairs to my room and fell into a much needed sleep. I woke up and rolled out of my warm and comfy bed. I walked over to Malachi's room and tickled him awake. He giggled, and jumped up. "Ok Malachi. You gotta get ready for school!" I said in my stern mom voice, but my eyes were laughing. He nodded. "Ok, momma!" I walked out and hope he would get dressed, and into the kitchen. I started making breakfast and Malachi came running down, and sat at the table at quietly as he could. "I've been here the whole time!" He stated, and I laughed at his failed attempt. I took the bacon and eggs I had just made and set t in front of him. "Eat, and I'll drive you to school!" I told him. He nodded and ate his food in under 30 seconds. I shook my head. He was just like Luke! I lead him outside and into my car, and drove him to his school. I dropped him off, and headed to my job, which was Starbucks. I got behind the counter just as it hit 10:00, and four guys bundled in. They walked up to me, and looked at the menu. "Hello, and welcome to Starbucks! How may I help you?" I asked in the most cheerful voice I could muster. One of them looked up, and I stared at him in shock. "Luke?" I choked out. He stared at me. "Sage?" He whispered. A tear slid out of my eye, and I wiped it away. "How is the baby?" He whispered so the others wouldn't hear. "He's fine. He came into the world on April 1, 2010, and I named him Malachi. He is now four, and looks and acts just like you." I whispered back, another tear sliding out. Luke wiped it away for me. "Look, I'm so sorry Sage. I-I-I don't know what came over me, and I fucked up big time. Please forgive me?" Luke pleaded me. I sighed, then nodded. "Come over to my house at 6:00. It's when Malachi gets home. I moved, so here's my new address." I handed my new address to him, and nodded. The other three looked up and smiled. "SAGE!" They shouted. I giggled. "Hey guys! I'm supposed to be doing my job, so how can I help y'all?" I giggled. They ordered, and walked out. Luke lingered a bit, and gave me his new number. The day cloaked by so slowly, I thought I would die. But finally, it turned 5:00. "By Sherry!" I yelled toward my boss. She waved bye to me, and I rushed to pick up Malachi. He jumped in the car. "Hey Mali, your gonna meet your father today!" I informed him, and he started jumping everywhere. I laughed, and got home at 5:59. A knock on the door, and I walked toward it and opened it. "Hey Luke!" I hugged him, and he hugged me back. "Finally I can hug you!" He joked, and I lead him inside to where Malachi was sitting. "And Thai is Malachi!" I whispered. "Mommy, who is this?" Malachi asked. "I'm your father, Luke!" Luke answered for me. Malachi looked confused. "But I thought he ran away!" He whispered. "I did, but I'm back now. And I'm here to stay!" Luke stated. Malachi looked happy, and I smiled. "Hey momma? Can we eat dinner! I'm starving!" Malachi said, and pretended to die of hunger. I laughed. "See? He acts just like you, Luke!" I giggled, and Luke glared at me playfully. "Ok Mali. I'll go grab some cheese, and you may eat one slice!" I joked. Malachi stared at me. "Oh I'm just playing! I'll go cook us some pasta, how 'bout that?" Luke and Malachi stared jumping, and I giggled.

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