Magcon Kid

Lainey Oliviya Lillyann Jackson
Yeah I know Lol J. I know it's weird. But anyways, I'm apart of Magcon. So basically I have to deal with 9 idiots! It's hard living with them, considering the fact that my 'best friends' slept with the guy I liked, never told me and decided to just play it off. But Idc.


4. Chapter 4

"Ugh! I have no clothes." I complain.

"Lainey look in your closet dumbass." Says Aaron laughing.

"Shut up." I say throwing a bra at him.

"Eww." He throws it off and looks at Taylor who of course is on his phone.

I grab all my clothes, tank tops, crop tops, high waisted shorts, bandeaus, bandanas, vans, and whatever else I need.

"You have someone here for you Lainey. And Aaron & Taylor."

We all look at each other confused.

"Well are you gonna let us in or naw?" Says one of the voices.

"The doors open dipshit." Says Taylor laughing.

The door opens up and in comes Carter, Hayes, the Jacks, Cam, & Nash.

"Hey beautiful." Says Nash wrapping his arms around my waist from behind me.

"Hello Nashty." I say chuckling.

"Excuse me? So we don't get hugs?" Says Cam spreading his arms out and hugging me with Nash still attached to me. I start laughing until I hear someone say something.

"Slut!" I hear them yell. I get out of Nash's grip and go to my window and see my neighbor Lexi.

"I'm not a slut! I haven't even slept with any of them?!"

"She's wrong. She's slept with me!" Says Nash walking up to me.

"And me!" Says the boys.

"Hayes your 14!"

"And?!?" He says, making us all laugh.

"Wait? Lainey isn't that Magcon?!" She says excitingly.

"Yeah it is Lexi." I say chuckling. "Wanna come over?"

"She just called you a slut!" Say Nash.

"It's ok she's my moms bestfriends daughter."

"Sorry I can't come over. Mom, The boys, and I are leaving to Denmark soon. And well be gone for about a week or two." She shuts the window.

------- Later that night. ------

"Lainey, where are we sleeping?" Asks Cam.

"Um Cam, Hayes, Carter, Aaron & Ma-" I cut myself off right when I go to say that. Earning looks from all of them, especially from Carter.

"I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that Carter."

"It's fine Lainey, it was an accident."

I look down at the ground. But I'm interrupted when my phone rings. Matts calling. Well Dylan.

D- Hey Lainey. I was just calling to tell you that he still hasn't woken up yet. But I know it late there so.

L- Thanks Dylan. I'll see you in tomorrow night.

D- Mom said that y'all can either stay at a hotel or our house.

L- I'll talk to my mom. Bye Dylan.

I hang up and we all start getting ready to sleep.

"I call bed!" Yells Nash jumping onto my bed.

"Um then where am I gonna sleep?"

"Right next to me duh!"

"Really Nash? Really." I say laughing.

We all Laid down, all of us are in my room so that the boys can protect me. Plus we're watching Aladdin. (A/n Robin Williams 😭😭😭 RIP. An amazing actor gone.)

I lay there slowly drifting off to sleep.

-- Dream --

"Lainey! Your here."

"But Matt your in a coma. How can I be able to talk to you?"

"Your dead. Lainey, I'm sorry." Next thing I remember was lights getting brighter and brighter than suddenly they were no more. It was just one big loud THUD.

----- End of dream -----

I jolt up panting and sweating.

"It-It was just a dream." I say to myself.

"Lainey." Says Carter.

"Oh hey."

"What happened?"

"Bad dream."



"It's ok, well be with him tomorrow."

With that I say goodnight to Carter and fall back to sleep.

"Lainey wake up. You slept in late and now we have to get to the airport." Says Nash. I lay there for a few minutes and silently cry at the dream.

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