The Barn Girl (Niall and Demi)

Demi was your average farm girl. She would slave on her parents farm all day in the summer vacation with her sisters then spend the rest of the night sleeping. Pretty boring right?

But then your average city guy, Niall comes into the picture and Demi's average life becomes not so average very quickly.


3. Chapter 3

I was thinking about the blonde boy too much. Probably because me and my sisters are the only people under the age of 30 around here...and because he was really hot.

"Darling, are you ok? You seem very happy!" My mum asked me, looking too worried. I stared at her. She stared back waiting for an explanation. Wow my mum really cares about my feelings.

"I'm going upto my room," I sighed, heading for the stairs. My mum sighed as well as she watched me making my way up the creaky wooden steps.

I grabbed my iPod from my bedside table in my room, and that's when I spotted him from my small bedroom window.

He was slumped on the sidewalk, his back to me. I can tell he was smoking- the way he waved his hands when he moved it away from his lips, the thick smoke evaporating into the hot afternoon air.

His hair was ruffled and a battered black leather jacket was sticking to his back. He seemed kind of dangerous and really sexy with this whole bad-boy look.

I just wish I had the courage to go down and have a full conversation with him, but he's probably going to shrug me off or curse at me.

He suddenly got up, put out his cigarettes and was about to return to his new house, when he noticed me staring down at him from the window.

He just stood there gazing up at me. I couldn't read his expression because it was hidden by his sunglasses. I wanted to scuttle away from his sight, but I found myself glued there just staring back.

He slowly raised a hand upto me and motioned for me to get down next to him. I gulped as I backed away, still tightly gripped around my iPod. I had no idea whether to meet him or not. What if it was a prank to humiliate me? But if I didn't meet him then it would've been a waste if he turned out really nice.

I took a deep breath before rushing downstairs. My heart was beating faster and faster the closer I got to him.

I was on the other side of the fence now, him right in front of me.

"Hey," I whispered, my head slightly lowered.

"Hey," he replied, stuffing his hands in his jean pockets. My heart was about to burst out of my chest when I heard his husky yet gentle voice. He smirked slightly, studying me up and down and yet I still didn't raise my head or make any eye contact.

"Look at me," he instructed me. I lifted my head up finally able to make out the little features of his face; the cute red cheeks, that playful smirk and a few dark roots growing out of his hair.

"That's better," he said. I managed a small smile. "You're beautiful, you know that?"

I was taken back and extremely surprised, however very happy. Someone like this boy who only said a few words to me had already called me beautiful. You would call Dallas 'beautiful' not someone like me. My cheeks were turning a tomato red very quickly and I was getting more nervous by the second.

"Thanks," I mumbled shyly. I was barely even able to say that small word without wanting to stutter.

"Niall," he said.

"Excuse me?"

"My name is Niall. I'm guessing yours is Demi?"

I nodded, slightly confused, "How did you know that?"

"I'm a genius...and also because I heard your sister screaming it." He smiled. I finally managed to laugh easily without being so self-conscious.

"So are you moving here or something?" I asked, getting the courage to make conversation with him. He nodded. And then it was awkward.

"Err..where from then?" I asked again, more determined this time.

"San Francisco," he replied simply. The more silent it got, the more I realised that he was gazing at me. Not a creepy way but in an admirable way, making me lower my head again out of shyness. I still couldn't get over the fact that he called me beautiful and seemed as if he meant it.

"Follow me," he suddenly announced. He crossed the street from his side and was already strolling to the mysterious destination.

I quickly crossed of the short wooden fence and rushed across the empty street. I managed to catch up with him but I was so out of breath.

"You're a quick walker," I panted. He ignored me, however. The little metal pieces on his jacket jingled loudly as he marched in front of me. The serious expression on his face scared me a bit and it didn't help that he was taking me somewhere I had no idea about and doing it all on our own.

We turned a corner into an alleyway I've never been in before. Our footsteps echoed loudly. I've seen places like this before in movies and nothing good ever happens in them.

When we reached the end of the alley (all safe with no scratches or bruises), there was a little garage right there in front of us. It was pretty beaten down with the rust forming in all corners of it., but Niall was staring at it as if it was his own child.

He unlocked it, and that took a while since the lock was really stiff and wouldn't budge. He pushed up the metal door and what I found inside wasn't surprising at all.

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