The Barn Girl (Niall and Demi)

Demi was your average farm girl. She would slave on her parents farm all day in the summer vacation with her sisters then spend the rest of the night sleeping. Pretty boring right?

But then your average city guy, Niall comes into the picture and Demi's average life becomes not so average very quickly.


2. Chapter 2

"Finally," I said as I collapsed on my bed, which felt hard under my weak body.

After dinner, we plucked all the weeds in the front part of the farm, then we had to brush the horses. After like a one minute break, we had to pick the ripe apples from the fruit tress in the farm orchard.

And now it's eleven at night, so we have been working for a whole day with only a few minutes rest and now bed feels like a piece of heaven. My legs were killing, my arms were aching and I think I developed a little tan.

I didn't even bother to wear my night clothes. I just slept after what felt like a few seconds.

The next morning, our dad surprised us all at breakfast.

"You girls can have the day off," he announced, in his usual cheerful manner.

All of us stared at him, waiting for Ashton Kutcher to come out and yell 'you've been punk'd!" But it never did and our dad was staring at us expectantly.

"Are you serious, dad?" Dallas asked, "Because if it is, it isn't funny."

Dad nodded, suddenly turning serious. Madison suddenly started leaping about and clapping her hands in joy. She ran to dad and hugged him.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," she squealed into his chest.

Dallas and I sneaked out while Dad and Madison were getting lovey-dovey all of a sudden.

"Freedom!" Dallas explained as soon as she stepped outside.

"You can say that again," I sighed contently. The sun was shining high above, casting a warm glow over the fields.

We treaded through the farm, enjoying the whole atmosphere and what independence feels like.

Dallas and I say down on the bank where a stream flowed by melodically. The grass was slightly wet, but it was a nice sensation against my bare feet.

Dallas grimaced as she reluctantly sat down next to me.

"Jesus Christ, you don't have to sit down if you don't want to. Don't put yourself through the pain of getting a slightly wet dress," I told her sarcastically.

She sat down anyways. For a while, we just watched the gentle water trickle by and the trees sway above us. I was enjoying the silence, but I can see that Dallas was fidgeting from the corner of my eye.

"Ok what is it?" I asked.

"Well...I'm just really stuck on what college to go to, you know?"

"Dallas, it's not that hard. Aaron is just a fling and he'll pass but which college you go to is what decides your future."

She seemed thoughtful for a second. "Yeah, you're probably right. I mean, I don't even like Aaron."

"Wait what?"

"He was just a little excuse to annoy mom."

I shook my head at her, but couldn't help laughing. She chuckled along.

"You know, you should consider getting a boyfriend," she suggested.

"No way, never. Nuh-uh." I strongly disagreed with her. First of all, because I will never find a boyfriend and I'm very unattractive and second of all, boyfriends get in the way of everything. Just too much drama.

"Fine, suit yourself, but you'll regret it and you would've wished you listened to me."

I nudged her a bit too hard, making her yelp in pain and clutch her arm.

"Oh crap sorry!" I tried to help her out, but she just burst out laughing.

"Oh jeez, calm down Demi," she wiped a tear from her eye, "It doesn't even hurt. You're such a wuss."

"Oh, shut up," I huffed angrily. Dallas got up and brushed herself down.

"Where are you going?" I asked, looking at her cluelessly as she started sauntering away casually.

"I'm gonna go shopping. I haven't been in ages. You can come but tell Madison she can't," she called back over her shoulder.

I decided to stay in the farm, since I didn't particularly enjoy shopping, especially with Dallas. I may read out here or listen to music.

I went back to the house to retreat my iPod, when I saw a shiny blue car park outside our fence. I was staring because it was the only car besides ours in this whole area.

I was standing in the middle of the wheat field, but I can see very clearly beyond our short fence.

A man about my dad's age came out and started carrying boxes from the trunk into the huge lilac house right next to ours.

That house has been abandoned ever since my grandparents moved into the area about a hundred years ago, and to this day the house is still worn down and pretty much empty.

I thought the man was some estate agent or repairman, so I didn't think much of it. But then a woman came out of the car and started helping him and I assumed the woman was his wife.

I watched them for a while as the passed small and large boxes to each other and left them into the lilac house. I couldn't help but wonder that there were quite a lot of boxes.

I was getting bored and was about to give up but then it hit me that they were actually moving in. All of a sudden two people come in to an abandoned home with their boxes with no notices to the neighbours and expects us to be ok with it.

We have a strict policy in this area as to not disturb the wildlife and the serenity of the countryside and that farms should be kept traditional with no fancy technology. And now these people strut in with their brand new car and millions of items. They might ruin it. It just doesn't make sense.

The couple disappeared into the house after they finished with moving their stuff.

I waited for a few more minutes to see what was going to happen.

Out of the car, a tall figure emerged. I squinted closer. He had blond hair with some shades on and an all-black outfit. He looked my age and to be honest, he was really cute.

Snap out of it, Demi. No boys remember. They get in the way.

He followed his parents into the house, hands in his pockets. I averted my stare and rushed back into our house.

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