Saved by who?!

Crystal is a 17 year old girl that has a tough life. Her Dad Robin killed her Mom
He abuses her everyday. Crystal gets bullied at school by Gina and Kamryn . Will her life change or will it stay the same forever? Will a special boy come maybe even more?? Read and find out!


1. Home

Crystals POV

" I'm home I yell as I shut the door behind me".

Before Robin yells at me I run up the stairs

and go in my room. I'm Crystal my Dad killed my

mom and abuses me I get bullied at school by

two girls and I practically have no friends I do but there not around a lot well not anymore.

"Crystal get your ass down here". Robin yells

As I walk down the stairs I can hear him breathing heavily. Great he's mad.

"You bitch you forgot to clean the kitchen before you went to school".

" I'm sorry I didn't know" I said

He raises his hand and I feel a sting on my right cheek.

He kicks me hard and I fall to the ground

He starts kicking and punching.

I try and run but he drags me up the stairs and throws my hard against the wall in my room and

I drift off into blackness.

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