Other Side

"Your Not The Sweet Little Teachers Pet Everyone Says You Are, I can Sense it, How You Act Around Me, But I Like My Girls Good, And When they have an Other Side." He Whispered Sending Chill Down My Spine..


1. Chapter 1

Other Side: Chapter 1 

-Annabel's POV- 

I Walked Through the School Halls Finding My Locker. When I finally Find It I unlock It And Grab My Books, I take A quick Look At Myself with My mini Mirror and shut my Locker Door And I bump Into Someone. Which Is Liam Payne.

"Hey Gorgeous" He says Smirking 

What Do You Want Liam? I ask Rolling My eyes

"How About Me and You Go To My Place tonight?" He winks 

Liam, I Told You No A million Times, And That Will Still be the answer Until you leave me alone! 

"But Babe, I gotta Get You Before Pretty Boy Does.." He Says Looking over to the Baddest Kid In School. 

Harry Styles.

Uh, Liam, I'm Not "Babe" And He has About the same chance as you do...Which Is None. I Answer As I turn Around and See No one Other Then Harry . 

"What Were You Saying there Love?" He Asks With A Smirk On his face 

I Look At Him Startled, N-Nothing Of Your Concern... 

"Oh Really?" He says Pushing me up against the lockers And Looking me straight in the eyes..His Beautiful Green Ones Piercing into my dull Brown Ones. 

"Until Next Time Beautiful." He whispers Into My ear As He walks Of...


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