Bottle of Happiness

Lydia's past has pushed her beyond her breaking point. The depression has taken it's till on her but in one final attempt to turn her life around she travels to Australia with her best friend Mikaela. This is where Lydia meets Luke Hemmings, the epitome of perfection. Will the summer with Luke be enough to mend Lydia's broken past or will this sickness get the best of her?


1. Something Has to Give

I'll never forget the summer I spent in Australia; the summer I felt alive. It seems strange that the summer after I turn eighteen is when I finally felt alive but it's true that I had felt dead for the past three years. It was three years ago that I was diagnosed with clinical depression. Up until that diagnosis I had been a confused and hormonal teenager however the diagnosis changed that. I became a hazard to myself and society and a "mental case".

I wasn't always depressed I was at one point a happy girl. I was an honor roll student, an aspiring volleyball player and definitely not a mental case. I wasn't stick thin but I took care of my body. I had long blonde hair that fell to the middle of my back. I was doing my freshman year of high school all right considering I had lost my parents a year before. That was until I met Dustin. He was a junior and captain of his hockey team. For the first two months that we dated everything was perfect and I was so madly in love with him but that quickly changed. Dustin began to change and that's when my whole life changed. Six months into our relationship I started to realize I wasn't safe anymore. The punches got harder, the bruises got bigger and the lies got harder to say. I hid this from everyone for as long as I could until one day I woke up in a hospital bed unsure of what had happened to put me there. I was covered in bruises and felt a searing pain in my side and as I lifted up the blue hospital gown I noticed a cut that was seen together by ten stitches. From that moment on I was never the same Lydia.

Flash forward to the summer of 2013 and I've come to terms with the fact that to be happy I must ingest it once daily with food and water. My best friend Mikaela decided that it might be a good idea to get away for the summer and that's how we ended up in Australia. Mikaela was more of a sister to me because when my parents passed away her mother and father took me in. It made and that if either of us were going to travel to another continent that it would be together. Her dad was a very wealthy man and had an apartment in Perth which is where we were going to stay. Judy, Mikaela's mom, was hesitant to let us go at first however I think she realized that this may be my last chance at healing. So off we went, two eighteen year olds heading to a new continent to try and make a depressed girl happy. We both had no idea how it was going to work but we knew it needed to happen and soon.

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