First love

Hayes Grier fanfiction/Hayes was the new kid in school you thought nothing of it until you bump in to eachother at lunch...


4. maeves pov

Maeve's pov

I had just left science. I was walking to my locker when my friends keela and John came over we said hello and all that and John was saying something about a new kid named hayes.

"So what did you hear about him" I said.

"Apparently his brother nash is a really famous vine star" John answered!.

I then thought to my self does he name like Nash Grier the Nash Grier !!

We had just entered the cafeteria we searched for Katie when we saw an unfamiliar face beside her."who's that john" I asked "I think it could be the new kid hayes" john answered with a angry expression. Bit confused to why but I had a feeling it's because John has always liked Katie of course he would never admit it but deep down I think we all knew well.. Expect for Katie she hasn't a clue to be honest.

When we arrived at the table I was the first to speak

"Your hayes right"

"Ya that's me"

"Oh nice to meet you my names maeve and this is keela and that boy over there is john

"Oh nice to meet ye also"

When hayes said this john just rolled is eyes and sat down in a huff what is his problem with hayes? I mean he only met him less than 5 minutes ago

Just when hayes asked what class we had next the bell rang and I told him he said same and asked can he walk with me and keela "of course no problem" I said goodbye to Katie and john they had English now. Hayes also said goodbye but only Katie answered a goodbye john just walked off hayes gave me a werid look and I just shrugged my shoulders cause to be honest I don't know what's his problem? Jealousy maybe .

A/n hey guys sorry about the really long wait for this update was really busy but I'm back and I wanna know what you think john was mad at?? Ohhh drama 👌 and thanks for the support about not updating I am getting on the finest it's school so not really enjoying the working bit but I made such good friends so I'm happy 😂 and love you guys 😘

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