First love

Hayes Grier fanfiction/Hayes was the new kid in school you thought nothing of it until you bump in to eachother at lunch...


2. English class

Hayes pov : I was walking to English class I saw the door and went in the teacher was already there I didn't know his name so I said

"Hi sir my names Hayes I just started here"

"We'll hi Hayes my names mr Ryan and would you care to take a seat beside Katie please"

When I heard the name Katie I instantly hoped it was the Katie I saw today and to my luck when I searched around I saw her.she was smiling as I made my way around the school to her table in the back row.

"Hi Hayes"

"Hey Katie do you mind if I sit next to you"

"No not at all take a seat "

"Thanks so what's mr Ryan like "

"He's the nicest teacher here to be honest "

"Good cause I have him for geography aswell"

"Oh ok I do to do u wanna sit beside me there"

"Ya if you don't mind like"

"No haha it's fine so do u no anyone here besides me"

"No nobody"

"Oh we'll in that case you can sit with me at lunch but just to warn you my friends are a bit weird there nice but weird haha"

"No it's fine you should meet my brother Nash when he wants to he can be a real weirdo"

"Haha you will be fine then"

The class started after that and Katie was right mister Ryan was really fun teacher instead of writing we just talked to the people beside us about what we did over the summer and I had no problem with that. I found out that Katie went on holidays to North Carolina.which is we're I used to live I now live with my aunt carol because my mam thought it would be better because Nash is always away doing business and I decided to focus on school. When I walked out of class I walked with Katie too the cafeteria where we sat down about a minute later I saw three people walking up to us. Two girls and a boy Katie waved at them so I figured they were her friends they sat and started talking until a girl named I think Maeve said

"Your Hayes right"

"Ya that's me"

"Oh nice to meet you I'm Maeve this is keela and that boy over here is named john"

"Oh nice to meet ye also"

I looked over at keela she had light brown hair green eyes and she seemed nice. Maeve had blonde hair with piercing blue eyes and she was really small

Then there was john he had jet black hair and brown eyes he seemed kinda angry that I was here but I took no notice

I talked to them all and firgured out that I had three classes with both Maeve and keela. Thank god I had none with john even after around 10 minutes he was still giving me an evil eye I don't no why but it's getting really annoying.after the bell rong she I headed to math class and said goodbye to Katie and keela and Maeve showed my way to Maths

Hey guys so what did you think any ideas on why john was not happy Hayes was at the table comment them and if ya want like this movella and love you xxx bye 😘😘😘😘😘😍

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