Cupcakes Collide

When Enya Sanders wakes up ready for her trip to France, she is sure to bring along her box of cupcake mix, but why? Only five days later, the earth is turning into something else... a whole new world. The mystery is about to be unveiled and the revelation is the exact opposite than expected. But remember and heed the words of the ancients that have been kept for ages: "Two will rise as one and the world granted its olden diadem; thus, the worlds of myth and 'reality' will be at peace once again and only to find each other once more by time's revealing day." (We hope you enjoy reading 'Cupcakes Collide', and comments, favourites, and likes are very much appreciated.) ... [for the penpals competition]


10. Chapter 8: Finale (Part 2 of 2)

     Still hearing the sirens' deafening ring in our ears and the constant bursts of rounds from rifles of all sorts, the three of us crept out from behind the bush and ran to the cathedral wall. We weren’t exactly very near to where the blood shed was going on, but still, we didn’t want to take any risks. We all crept like ninjas behind the cathedral wall and saw a row of bushes. Luckily we had Clayton to lead for us and open the tunnel's small gate, who would have thought he was a lock picking expert.

     As we proceeded to enter the courtyard of the cathedral with the newly built chocolate factory, we found that no one was there. I mean literally no one. No guards, no servants, no one at all. I gulped. This was not right. Kammy must have been thinking the same thing. She stopped us and spoke.

     “This might be a trap.” She mouthed. Clayton nodded. He pointed towards the second metal barred door that led to the spiral stone stairs. Kammy nodded in encouragement. All I seemed to be doing was following behind. I decided to show Kammy that I could be the brave brother I was and began to walk straight for the door. I’d be the first one to check it was safe.

     But stupidly enough, I was pulled back by Clayton. I gave him an angered look, when he gestured towards Kammy. She had her arms folded across her chest, and when I caught eyes with her she just rolled her eyes. "Oh no she didn’t," I thought to myself.

     Clayton eventually let me go and I rooted myself to place when he started moving to pick up a rock. He gestured it towards Kammy and then the door. Kammy nodded in agreement. What on earth was going on?! I was bewildered beyond belief. Just then Clayton threw the rock through the door and we all waited. Nothing happened.

     The realisation hit me. He did it to check if there was a trap. Well gosh, I could have thought of that any day. Honest. I just wanted to walk through the door to show how brave I am to Kammy. Oh forget it. Okay, I admit it: it was a stupid idea.

     Clayton forced a cough grabbing my attention and jerked his head towards the door. Kammy went in front of me and followed Clayton's lead. We stepped along the stone pebbled ground ever so quietly and stepped into the cathedral. We were in. Right there in front of us were those spiral stone stairs.

     Kammy stopped and looked around. “Where are Nixon, Dale, and Alex?” she asked.  I looked around too. Wait. Weren’t they supposed to meet us by the back entrance? I turned towards Clayton. He did his mind link thing again with the eyes and hands and all. Then he looked towards us with a worried look on his face.

     “Nixon, he's- dead. The others are trying to fight off the mind controlled forces to buy us some time.” He informed. I looked at him in shock. This was not good. This was definitely not good. As Kammy had said before, Nixon and Hunter were one of our best fighters. If they couldn’t hold them off, then who could? I gulped down the fear and worry.

     Kammy sighed and looked my way. “I guess it’s just the three of us… against time.” She whispered the last bit to herself. 

     "No," Clayton continued, "It's just you two against time. I will stay here and assure you enough time to save us. Be it the cost of my own life, you will have the time."

     "But.. Clayton..." Kammy tried. I yanked my sister up the stairs with me, Clayton was undoubtedly right that we needed the time, and a proper goodbye was not going to help. He was the only one who could give us the small moment of time we needed. My mouth became dry glancing back to Clayton for the last time and hearing my sister cry under my arms. He shifted into a werewolf and headed out of my sight.

     One thing was left anchored in our minds, we needed to stop Enya at all costs: we needed to put an end to this slaughter. We ran as fast as we could to the top of the central tower. Tears ran down our cheeks, and the clouded sky surely would have been full of shooting stars by now. Still the quake of war went on below us.

     When we climbed higher and higher we slowed down our pace to sneak the rest of the way up. We needed the element of surprise on our hands. When we reached the final few steps of the tower we heard Enya scream! Our hearts almost stopped from the shrill.

     I then saw from the corner of my eye, my sister shifted into a werewolf. We were ready for whatever was just above us. I'm sure the thought crossed our minds that this was finally it. We darted up above, and our eyes widened.

     Tied to a chair was Empress Enya and by her side was the Rune Stone. Face to face we met our greatest threat, the Empress tied down and a piece of cloth stuck in her mouth. Kammy growled with her teeth glittering and I pulled out a .45 pistol. The Rune Stone was no taller than my hips but it was in a humanoid form that was made of devilish obsidian rock with sharp tips jutting out in an overlapping fashion shining in the dimly lit room. His black, seemingly sharp yet smooth body was broken into layers of smaller stones where fluctuation and movement of its limbs occurred.

     "When I heard you were coming," The Rune Stone stared at us troubled. We shook in fear at the sight, yet clueless as well. In a crystalline tone that rasped very slightly it went on, "I knew I had to play my part."

     "And you couldn't have done this before?" I questioned with a raised eyebrow.

     "Why of course not, there were guards posted at all places here." It returned still in a frightened manner.

     I glanced over toward Enya who was struggling to get out of the ties. "And what now?" Kammy eased off and stopped growling.

     "The empress has given up and ordered her forces to stand down. Tonight we boast of our victory, and I return to my brother, the Elder." The Rune Stone laid its arms down and started walking over to us and passed down the steps. Looking back at us, it waved its arms to follow it. "Come now; if anyone knows the Elder the most here it would be me, and his patience does wear thin." It tried to ease our worries rapidly.

     Kammy shifted back into her human form and then asked, "And what of the empress, we just leave her here?"

     "The world is free now." The Rune Stone smiled and let out a sigh of relief and laughed, "She has lost her power; she has lost ME, and all will be dealt with later."

     We started walking down and followed the Rune Stone. Only eight steps down Enya spit out the cloth and yelled, "You'll die if you reach the bottom of the staircase! It's the Rune Stone you want!"

     Everything else happened in a blur. In an instant response the Rune Stone's body gave off a red tint, and immediately a red streak of lightning struck the top of the cathedral ripping the roof apart and the tower started to crumble slowly. It wavered side to side in an imbalance of weight shifting from side to side. The Rune Stone started running down the staircase while we were stuck in the daze. He played us all!

     "You get the Rune Stone!" I yelled to Kammy who was shifting back into a werewolf while I ran back to the top of the tower. She darted off down the steps after the rock. I whipped out a pocket knife and started cutting the ties that bound Enya to the chair.

     "I can't walk." Enya cried. I looked down to her feet; they were crushed from the rocks that must have fell from the roof when the lightning struck... or worse. I picked her up and started running down with her head rested against my bosom.

     The stairs beneath us were starting to crack, but in the middle of the tower we met up with Kammy who had caught the Rune Stone unconsciously and now gripped in her mouth. I was surprised. Such a powerful being for such a small body at least in that form, and we had caught it.We three finally made it outside, and in a minute's time the central tower had completely collapsed upon itself.

     Everyone lied mindlessly, friend and foe alike. The sky had cleared and was now blue; the spell of the Rune Stone had been stopped. For now. The morning's first gleam struck the city as it had never done before. We finally had our home- the sweet word we all look for.Walking back across the battlefield the flesh was still fresh, and I hid Enya's eyes from the horror.

     What would happen now? Is this what we were left with? We walked back to our armed truck that had surprisingly worked after all this time. It had been worn and torn through the long battle, but the engine still turned over. After pulling all the dead corpses out of the vehicle, I laid Enya carefully in the bed of the truck and hopped in with her as we needed space to tend to her feet. She smiled while I wrapped her feet with bandages and cloth. It wasn't the best, but it was enough until we got further help. Kammy sat up in front with the Rune Stone kept in a barred cage and drove back toward the radio station. For there, our answers would come.

     But until then, Enya rested her head on me, and I on her. It was over.


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