Cupcakes Collide

When Enya Sanders wakes up ready for her trip to France, she is sure to bring along her box of cupcake mix, but why? Only five days later, the earth is turning into something else... a whole new world. The mystery is about to be unveiled and the revelation is the exact opposite than expected. But remember and heed the words of the ancients that have been kept for ages: "Two will rise as one and the world granted its olden diadem; thus, the worlds of myth and 'reality' will be at peace once again and only to find each other once more by time's revealing day." (We hope you enjoy reading 'Cupcakes Collide', and comments, favourites, and likes are very much appreciated.) ... [for the penpals competition]


6. Chapter 4: Stony Strategy

     After I had been bandaged and my scuffs had been properly viewed to see if I had contracted any cupcake icing into them, I was released from the decontamination room. Personally, I never thought cupcake icing could be so dangerous if it were to seep its way into your wounds; however, I suppose it wouldn't make a good thing regardless. I also never thought my little sister could be a werewolf as well... so there was that too.

     The physician then directed me into a hallway where I met up with Kammy and the two other men. We then found ourselves standing at a dead end, but suddenly a wall rose up behind us and we were boxed into a tiny cube. Mechanical gears ground against each other in a wrenching and corroded way that made it seem like they hadn't been used for decades. I could only imagine what horrible, painful death was coming as my eyes widened. "Mitchell," a sound voiced behind me; it was Kammy. "It's just an elevator."

     I looked back towards her then noticed a panel of buttons with floor numbers. I guess it did look like an elevator now that I thought of it. A tiny speaker then flipped into view above us and started playing some really annoying tunes. Then after Kammy pressed the button to the bottom floor, I felt the elevator dropping, slowly. In fact, I really didn't notice it until Kammy said this elevator was going down.

     The four of us stood waiting. Clayton and Hunter in their torn, stained and thoroughly worn shorts accompanied with crossed arms, Kammy in her white vest top and worn out jeans, and me in just a plain T-shirt, shorts and some bandages: combined with little space, made the place a little awkward. On the bright side, well there wasn't really a bright side to it. Thirteen minutes passed, and we were supposedly halfway down or just a little passed.

     I had to ask, "Why is it taking so long?"

     Kammy replied, "Because its a safety precaution. In the event that an intruder were to find this elevator, we would have plenty of time to react to the situation." I just nodded my head, thirteen more minutes couldn't be too bad; and even if the time to react wasn't enough, I'm sure the annoying music would help out too. Kammy seemed to know exactly what I was thinking. Every time I looked at her she just rolled her eyes.

     Finally, the doors opened. If it had been any hotter in that elevator, we would have appeared into the underground room with steam flowing out. Our eyes quickly adjusted to the dim light and from the doors was a small walkway that led to a large underground cavern. Wooden rooms for sleeping and even storing ammunition were made around the corners of the pentagonal cave and in the dead center was a rounded table that had been circled by a rounded bench below and a set of fluorescent lights that lit the table above.

     As we came closer to the table, around us were a few members of the rebellion as well; I had assumed so at least. They wore a black hood and darkly camouflaged military uniforms. Some of them looked over at us as we walked toward the table with a hopeless look in our eyes while the others continued to sit around the campfires and talk, and a few continued cleaning their rifles and loading their magazines. They all looked armed to the teeth. Ready for action.

     We all sat down at the table and spread over it was a map of the world. Though interestingly on the map were tokens ranging from infantry to a large blue cathedral token. I noticed that most of the pieces were painted blue though and some had even needed to be painted over to support the blue. In fact, the blue tokens outnumbered the only other color, black, almost one hundred to one! And most noticeably, to the Southwest side of England was the blue cathedral token. It was surrounded by a massive amount of blue infantry, artillery, and cavalry tokens.

     I leaned over to Kammy who sat next to me and asked puzzled, "What are we waiting for?"

     "The Elder." She said looking at the map.

     I then looked back at the map again, and England only had four black pieces: one being colored in a more darker type of gray. One of which was located a little to the East side of the cathedral, signifying miles apart though.

     The walls of the cavern began to tremble then suddenly a door collapsed open. From the door appeared a man with a hunched back and a white beard that had reached nearly to his hips. He wore old rags that looked to have been a farm for mold so to speak, and he carried a lump of dark and rough granite in both of his hands with a wooden cane wrapped around his back.

     He walked towards the table and coughed dryly, dispersing a cloud of green dust all over the map. He then placed the rock gently down on the table and stroked it with his thin, wrinkly fingers and hand and looked at us steadily with an eye that drifted away: a lazy eye.

     Slowly the man took a deep breath and you could hear the phlegm in his throat sputter before he finally began to talk in a weak tone, "You may speak," He paused and his head began to move drowsily before he mentioned again, "Elder, my friend, speak to us."

     The rock began to shake and pebbles burst open from a tiny seam, it appeared to have made an eye that opened from the seam. The rock then moved slightly side to side as best it could and then more pebbles burst from the rock and a rugged shape of a mouth formed. I was completely awestruck! However, even more so when the rock declared in a very cacophonous voice, "My sage! My sage! The cupcakes." The rock repeated, "The cupcakes. They have brought us into Enya's clutches."

     The rock coughed, spitting out small pebbles and went on, "Empress Enya, she must be stopped. For, when I was a stone without a soul, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, and I learned like a child. When I was gifted with a soul, I put the ways of childhood behind me and began to reason; but, not reason as in the ways of man."

     The rock stopped and, from what I could tell, started to show a very concentrated countenance, "She has stolen the Rune Stone and gained its power to turn the sky into a bloody battlefield. Blend not the world of myth and so called reality! Oh! my brother, come back to us."

     "Elder, we will gain your brother back if we can, but we must stop Enya first." Kammy tried to sympathize with the rock. I must say, I thought she was insane, and the rock seemed too poetic to even take him realistically.

     "Yes, indeed," the rock agreed then slanted his face, "An ingredient in the cupcakes, I know not how, but they have brought the will of man to their knees. Seize! Seize! the master of man and show her the fate of thine own. Alive she must be captured, and as it was writ by the ancient foretelling rocks long ago: 'Two will rise as one and the world granted its olden diadem.'" The rock stopped to go on gravely, "Though as the ancients have also interpreted, to rise is to die."

     Hunter then interrupted, "And how do you suppose we seize Enya in Canterbury Cathedral? It's completely surrounded."

     "Quick to listen you should be!" The rock replied quite harshly. "For as it has been prophesied the rising of two to become one will grant the world its olden diadem. Forgotten this will become to all but the two who rise, and the Rune Stone will be returned to its original place. The worlds of myth and 'reality' will be at peace once again and only to find each other once more by time's revealing day."

     Kammy questioned in confusion, "But that doesn't tell us how we are to get into the cathedral, does it?"

     The rock stated, "The prophecy is not only to be taken for the end. It gives a lesson for teachings. If all is sacrificed and taken into account: would not a diversion and a stealthy infiltration form a victory... Two to rise as one? Hear me when I say, 'Two groups must be formed for one victory.' Now go, advance in two then when the time is right: form a group to infiltrate and hold the empress in captivity."

     "Yes but..." Kammy tried.

     The rock interrupted, "Kammy, you are to lead the werewolves and other beasts that will be able to follow you close. The rest will join our armored and armed trucks; they shall be on the saddles of fate: the noble and worthy unicorns. And when the time is right, and I know you will know when, you will make the final team solely for taking the empress."

     "And what if I'm not ready?"
     "You are; I know it."

     The sage then coughed, again filling the air with a moldy green substance. "The Elder has said what he needed to," the sage took a deep, crackling breath, "You must go now, we shall be here if you return."


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