The Potters and Weasleys: the next generation

Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione's children and their story


8. Albus Becomes The Spy


"Who can kidnap a ghost?" Rose was so eager to know.




"Maybe we could watch that weird bald man." James said, gesturing to the man who just entered the Great Hall. "There are rumors he is Voldemort's son."


So, right after they were done eating, they got up and followed him, trying to sound ike they were going to the bathroom. They stayed watching him. "What are you children doing?"an old lady wearing pink and holding a dainty wand. She flung it around and then poof, they were in her office. The magic was updated since Harry told them about Hogwarts. Her office was entirely pink, except for a pen. "If I see you three wandering arounnd again, I'll make you write lies."


"Ooh, lines." James said sarcastically.


After they left, they went back and followed the bald man into a small room with him, and heard him mumble, "Come on, I have to get this to work, I need you back."













To bring someone back, it takes a dark wizard, and he was just the man.



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