The Potters and Weasleys: the next generation

Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione's children and their story


1. Intro

Albus Severus Potter was excited for his first year at Hogwarts, and was excited to meet new friends, and, of course, try to fit in with James and his friends. Rose was a first year too, so they said they would have each other's backs. "Don't worry Albus, you'll be fine, just don't get to close to Scorpius Malfoy. He's the mean-looking one with the sneer face and short blond hair." James said. 


"He looks like his father when he was younger." Harry explained. 


"And, quite frankly, someone you shouldn't mess with," Hermione, Hugo and Rose's mother, said. 


As James ran through the wall, Rose gave Albus a worried look. "Are you going to go through or what, losers?" Scorpius Malfoy asked. "I'm Scorpius Malfoy." He said, extending his hand to Albus. "Make friends with me, and I'll help you make friends with the right people." He said it pointedly at Rose, whose ears turned red and looked upset.


"I think I'll do fine by myself." Albus said, rejecting the handshake. 


"Are you sure you weren't with your brother when we had the same conversation, because it sounded a lot like that. You are making the wrong choice, blood traitors."


Ginny ran up, hurried. "You need to go through the wall now." 


They nervously looked at it. "It's best if you just run through." Teddy Lupin said. "Watch." He dashed through and disappeared. 


"Okay, I'll go if you go." Albus said. Albus clasped hands with Rose, and they ran through toghether. Scorpius had gone in before them, and was boarding the train. They took their carts and went into the train, and looked for a cart to sit in. They walked a far way, and found James. "Come sit next to me." As they sat down he asked, "Why did it take you so long?"


"We met Malfoy, and he IS a git." Albus explained.


"Well, I'll tell you a little about Hogwarts." He said as the train started. 

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