1. First day

Willa's POV

I woke up this morning and started to pick out my clothes for the day. It was the first day of seventh grade, where drama seems to be everything, so I had to wear something to make my fair blond hair stand out, and something just perfect for everything I need to impress at my school. I had been going there the last year, and let me just say, I need to stay where I was. 

I was sporty, fashion forward, and smart. This year was going to be hard to keep that spot this year. My BFF, Molly MacLaine, has been my BFF since I moved here from Rhode Island to Florida, where I have a summer home but don't get to see my other friends as much. But ever since I moved, this boy named Asher has been there for me all of the time. 

So, anyways, I chose a turquoise ruffle shirt and black jeggings. I quickly applied my makeup, and took off, running to school. Then, I stopped, forgetting my backpack, ran home, got it, grabbed my iPhone, and some earbuds, popped them in and ran off again, my curly hair bouncing. Since my school was 3 miles away, I decided to walk the rest of the way, and listen to my music. Then I tripped on a tree root, scraping my palms a bit. I groaned. 

"This can not be happening." I said to myself. 

"Are you okay?" Someone's voice said behind me. I turned around to see Asher. 

"I'm fine, just fell." I said. 

He helped me up, and then we walked to school together, and we cracked some jokes and it wasn't awkward once, until someone came up behind me. It scared the crap out of me! I freaked, and figured out it was Giorgio, one of the pranksters in the school. 

"What was that for?" Asher asked. 

"You two were so peaceful for the last mile and this was the right time, where you wouldn't see it coming." He replied, an evil smirk across his face. 

Asher's POV

When Giorgio scared me, I wanted to punch the guy in the face. It was a peaceful moment with Willa and he ruined all of the fun.

Finally, we came to school, and I compared schedules with Willa, and we had language arts, P.E., lunch, and math together, and I didn't want to admit it, but I was excited to go to P.E. with her as it was the first class. 

It was fun to talk while we jogged ahead of the group when we ran the mile. I was panting after, and wanted to sit down, but our P.E. teacher, Mr. O'Keely, told us if we sat down, there would be another mile for us and homework. I don't know how P.E. has homework, but he seemed serious and I didn't want to find out how this harsh teacher was going to do. 

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